Celebrate the Return of Pumpkin Spice with an Autumnal Latte Cake

Watch Milkmoon Kitchen build towering cake creations filled with fluffy buttercream and innovative sugar-based architecture.


Pumpkin spice season is finally here and you can have it in cake form. This super-sized latte cake comes complete with a hidden pumpkin surprise and some delicious caffeinated buttercream.

Swirl up pumpkin-spiced batter

Pumpkin spice, cold brew and cocoa, oh my!

Gorgeous Cakes

You'll need two 6-inch and two 7-inch cakes, plus two all-orange 5-inch cakes if you want to create the pumpkin surprise inside!

Marbled autumn bliss

Trim the tops to reveal the color swirl, and cut each layer in two if you want a whole latte layers.

Whip up Cold Brew Buttercream

Warning: Caffeinated fluff is seriously addicting!

All the way up

Stack your cakes from large to small, filling each layer with the luscious cold brew buttercream.

Clean up that cake base

Trim at a slight angle to start creating a cup shape.

Pipe on your Cold Brew Buttercream

No need for straight lines here; the more irregular, the more deliciously realistic!

The Smoothest Latte

Use a flat edge to even out the buttercream frosting.

Add a little pumpkin hue

A colorful layer of pumpkin-orange buttercream gives your cake some seasonal style.

Get started on your pumpkin carving early this year

Sculpt your two 5-inch orange cakes into domes. Then give one a knobby “stem” on top.

(Pumpkin) Spice Up the Cake

Join the halves with orange buttercream to complete your spicy, delicious mini pumpkin.

Flip! That! Cake!

Take a deep breath and go for it. Turning the cake around will give you the distinct latte cup shape.


Hide your pumpkin inside a mound of white “whip” buttercream.

Swirl it up!

Pipe a frilly swirl of whip to top off your latte.

Extra credit

Stencil up your lookalike pumpkin logo.


A big slice reveals stacked swirls of cake and layers of buttercream.

Don't forget the surprise

Blow minds with the lil’ pumpkin reveal in the middle!

Latte Art reaches a new level

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