45 Sweet & Savory Pumpkin Recipes to Make This Fall

Nothing can summon feelings of fall more than pumpkin. Try one of these delicious recipes when you need to feel warm and cozy this fall season. Looking for other ways to warm up? Try some of these quick and easy fall dinners.

Pumpkin Marble Cheesecake

"Great recipe. First time I made cheesecake, and it turned out great."


Streusel Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

"It's like a yummy pumpkin cheesecake in bar form!"

-Mama Dia

Tortellini With Pumpkin Sage Butter

"I had an extra can of pumpkin pie left over from Thanksgiving, and when I saw this recipe, I knew I just had to try it. Here's a simple and affordable alternative to expensive pumpkin ravioli!"

-Kozmic Blues

Pumpkin Shake

"Ingenious. I don't know why I haven't thought of it before. It is a quick, energizing, and delicious breakfast."


Pumpkin & Lentil Lasagna

"This turned out really great. I was a little worried while making up the sauce, but boy, it turned out good. I love the pumpkin and lentils and used low-fat cheese and sour cream. This was my first time using no-cook pasta and it worked out great."


Pumpkin Hummus

"This is delicious! If you like hummus, you've got to try this recipe! Make sure to add the parsley; it makes a huge difference in the flavor!"


Pumpkin & Bacon Pasta

"This sounded so interesting, as I’ve never had it. If you do like pumpkin try this. Served with penne and grilled pork tenderloin that was wrapped in bacon. Everything worked so nicely together."

-discriminating tast

Four-Ingredient Pumpkin Ice Cream

"This was so easy and has great flavor. I used cooked down pumpkin from when we carved pumpkins and it worked well."

-R Register

Pumpkin Cobbler With Pecan Crunch

"Wonderful. I've made this a half a dozen times and am about to make it yet again. It's easy to make, always comes out right and is far more exciting than plain old pumpkin pie."


Roasted Pumpkin & Spinach Risotto

"Great! Adding some white wine was the only change, and a knob of butter at the end. I used parmesan cheese."


Paleo Pumpkin Granola

"This is delicious! I love having homemade granola on hand for snacking, and this is a great, flavor-filled one! Super spicy with lots of crunch; this is the perfect granola!"


Pumpkin Angel Food Cake

"I made this exactly as written and it turned out so great! Used a tube pan and although it didn't rise as much as a classic angel food cake, it still got pretty high. It was moist and very flavorful. Topped with cool whip and it was amazing!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Ham, Zucchini & Pumpkin Risotto

"The bright colors of the vegetables made this a beautiful dish to serve. This was absolutely dreamy! I'll definitely make this again!"


Super Easy Pumpkin Bread

"This is an awesome recipe for pumpkin bread. It's so moist and full of great autumn flavor. We love this bread and I will make it over and over again in the future."


Sage Butter Pumpkin Ravioli

"This is a great, simple recipe which tastes like you spent hours cooking it. The hardest part is timing the ravioli to be boiled and hot at the same time as the butter and sage. Get fresh sage, and do use the nuts & amaretti cookies, they made a good difference!"


Turtle Pumpkin Pie

"Couldn't be easier or yummier. Seriously, less than 10 minutes to make, and always gets rave reviews."


Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

"Made these for a luncheon of 114 women. Went over like gang-busters!"


Spiced Pumpkin Waffles

"Great taste; a perfect balance of pumpkin and spices."


4 Layer Pumpkin Dessert

"Very light and fluffy. A perfect alternative to the chocolate versions of this delicious dessert!"


Pumpkin Pie Dip

"I've never had a pumpkin pie dip before and this one was awesome! It tasted just like pumpkin pie filling. Served it with ginger snaps and apple slices and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top for garnish. It was delicious!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Caramelised Chicken & Pumpkin Stir-fry

A simple sauté that mixes perfectly-browned chicken with pumpkin, bell pepper and baby corn. The garlic and fish sauce flavors really bring it to life.

Pumpkin Pecan Baked Brie

"Brie cheese, pumpkin butter & pecans, wrapped in puff pastry and baked to ooey gooey perfection."

-Bonnie G 2

Pumpkin Enchiladas

"I was really surprised how delicious these turned out to be. I used a homemade California chile enchilada sauce, and used grated sharp cheddar cheese instead of fat-free cheese."

-The Spice Guru

Pumpkin Creme Brulee

"They are creamy, and yummy, and very delightful. And so light that one may be able to convince oneself that there are only a few calories in them."


Creamy Chicken & Pumpkin Pasta

"This was SO good! Wonderful flavors, creamy sauce. The olives are a great salty balance to the sweet sauce. I seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper before cooking, and did the same to the pumpkin and tomatoes after cooking."


Chicken Tikka With Pumpkin Curry

"I loved this recipe. I found it less difficult than I had imagined. This all started with a can of pumpkin that I wanted to use, but what a nice surprise. I am vegetarian, so I substituted some 'mock' chicken, and it worked very well. My two picky kids also enjoyed it!"


Paradise Pumpkin Pie

"Made this for Thanksgiving. Very big hit!"


Pumpkin Pie

"I was told I must keep this recipe to use again and again!"


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

"These are so awesome. My GF was actually disappointed that they were healthy because she wanted to feel bad about eating them."


Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread

"This is a very moist bread and actually even tastes better the day after it has been baked."


Autumn Pumpkin Muffins

"Fabulous muffins! They are wonderful on their own, but adding the glaze makes them extra special."


Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

"This pie was phenomenal! A huge hit at the Thanksgiving dinner we attended. The taste was amazing and there was NONE left."


Easy Pumpkin Bread

"Moist, rose beautifully and so fragrant. A definite keeper!"


Pan Dulce De Calabaza - Sweet Pumpkin Bread

"I love this recipe, a sweet bread that is shockingly moist inside with a nice chewy/crunchy crust."


Melt in Your Mouth Pumpkin Bread

"This bread is awesome! It really does melt in your mouth. This is a keeper!"


Pumpkin Streusel Bundt Cake

"This recipe is delicious and very very moist. I used the glaze on top and it turned out perfectly. Many applauses for the cake! Delicious recipe!"

-Silent Rain

Pumpkin Ginger Muffins

"These muffins were wonderful and so moist. These are a keeper!"


Pumpkin Puree

"This was a great help for me, after having pumpkins left over from Halloween, I finally was able to make use out of them."

-Kevin Simon

Old Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies

"I have been baking these cookies for a couple years now and every time I make them, I have to give up the recipe. They are delicious!"


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread/Muffins

"Delicious recipe that's good for the kids."


Pumpkin Bars with Frosting

"We really liked these. Even my 'I don't like pumpkin' kid enjoyed them."


Quick & Easy Pumpkin Pie Bars

"This is the most elegant looking and delicious tasting pumpkin recipe I've tried in many a moon! Think I'll forego traditional pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, and serve this."


Pumpkin Pie Latte

"If you love pumkin pie you will love this coffee! Definitely serve this to your guests for the holidays!"


Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie

"What a great way to make a pumpkin pie! It's actually more of a bar type dessert - and it is fabulous! The crust is very good - I love the nuts in it!"


Chocolate Pumpkin Cake With Cinnamon Chocolate Glaze

"I made this for a potluck at work, and it got rave reviews. The cake turned out decadent and rich and oh, so good!"


Bonus: Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

"Fantastic! My doggies come hunt me down and start barking and begging for these biscuits. I have never seen them act like they do about these biscuits."