18 Clever Ways to Use Puff Pastry

If you don't already keep puff pastry dough on hand, now is the time to start. This thousand-layer dough will take any dessert from drab to fab -- and it works wonders for savory treats too!

Eclair Delight

"People say this is the best dessert they've tasted in years!"


Danish Assortment

"Made cream cheese Danishes using the filling from this recipe. It was spot-on!"



"Super easy and pretty."

-Diana Johnson || EatingRichly.com

Chocolate Pastry Cups

"Fabulous! I baked them yesterday for a nice dessert."


Asparagus & Brie Open Pastry

"What a beautiful dish to serve!"


Individual Apple Pies

"We adore this recipe! I can eat them all in one night by myself."


Vegetable Puffins

"OMG these are delicious! They are like mini pie-quiches. The puff pastry was nice and crunchy, and the filling was smooth with a creamy texture."


Sweet Baked Brie

"This is, by far, the BEST way to make Brie!"


Peach Turnovers

"BRAVO! These are easy to make and really yummy!"


Easy Apple Strudel

"Super easy and also super tasty! This has to be the easiest dessert I have ever made, and the flavor is better than any apple pie I've ever had."


Chocolate Raspberry Pillows

"Oh, my goodness. These incredible little bites of summer, were easy to assemble and yielded excellent results."

-Baby Kato

Caramel Apple Dumplings

"So cute and tasty! Just like mini apple pies. I absolutely love the presentation because when you cut them open, the filling flows out and looks so neat!"


Glazed Apricot Twists

"One of my family's favorites. Every time I make these they quickly disappear, so I've learned to double the recipe."


Banana & Caramel Pastries

"Yum, yum, yum! This dessert is amazingly simple and delicious. Our family loves warm bananas, so it seems this recipe was destined for us."


Almond Bear Claws

"Oh, I LOVE this recipe. One of my favorite pastries and now I can make them myself."


Spinach & Feta Triangles

"These were a huge hit at my annual holiday party. I made a double recipe and they began disappearing as soon as they hit the buffet table!"


Herb Twists

"Guests will love these savory nibbles — very simple and so incredibly delicious."



"Rich, buttery and very pretty — these simple croutons are perfect for soup or salad. But I ate them as a snack too!"

-mary winecoff