18 Protein-Packed Breakfasts

You don't have to power lift to benefit from a protein-packed breakfast. These super-charged recipes will help you start your day with a full tank of energy.

Individual Breakfast Casseroles

"We really enjoyed these little casseroles! My 14-year-old grandson thought they were 'awesome'."


Eggs in Clouds

Just when you thought eggs couldn't possibly be life-changing.

Breakfast Smoothie

"Cottage cheese in a smoothie?! It works for me! I made this exactly as listed and it was a really nice way to start my day!"


Peanut Butter Protein Bars

"I'll probably never eat another store-bought protein bar again. Try them, they're GREAT!"


Easy Breakfast Bake

"Wow! I've never liked grits before but this is really tasty."

-Diana J.

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Stromboli

“Delicious bacon, cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs rolled up in a puff pastry for a breakfast spin on an Italian classic.”

-Stephanie J.

Better Bacon & Eggs

"So cute, I served these to overnight guests who thought this was an inventive and impressive recipe!"


Breakfast Egg Rolls

"Super great recipe. I doubled the amounts; I made them to have on hand when we need a quick breakfast."


Herbed Breakfast Sandwich

"Good and easy. I used butter, mayonnaise and an English muffin."

-Diana J.

Four Cheese Egg Casserole

"My family enjoyed this recipe. I did skip the butter as others suggested and found it still very tasty."


Maple Banana Breakfast Shake

"Delicious and healthly — loved it!"


English Breakfast Sausage

"We'll be making these again. My husband claims they take him right back to London."


Mexican Breakfast

"The flavor and texture combo is great, plus the jalapeno adds a nice kick."


Peanut Butter Granola

"I love the flavor of this granola."

-Jen in Victoria, BC

Country-Style Breakfast Sausage

"Lovely flavor, and this recipe cuts way back on fat!"


Happy Apple Breakfast

"This made me very happy after the gym."


Meat Lover's Omelet

"Made using two eggs, spicy pepperoni, smoky ham and served crispy bacon rashers on the side and — wow — what a filling breakfast. Definitely set me up for the day."


Sausage Biscuits

"Great to have on hand to take to work when you don't have enough time to make breakfast."

-Crafty Lady 13