27 On-the-Go Paleo Recipes

Our ancestors were movers and shakers, and now you can be, too. These savory and sweet recipes are easy to make, paleo friendly and can be eaten on the go.

Raw Brownies

"This is a great treat for a chocolate craving. It is so easy to throw together, and the recipe is very forgiving."


Mini Muffuletta Kabobs

"These were like an Italian party in my mouth. They were very tasty and beautiful, too."

-Delicious as it Looks

Paleo Carrot Banana Muffins

"This is the best paleo recipe that I've ever tried for anything. The muffins are moist and tasty."


Green Smoothies

"I thought I wouldn't like spinach in my smoothies, but the fresh mango made it sweet and tasty."


Baked Grapefruit

"I'd never had baked grapefruit before, but I really enjoyed this. I loved the cinnamon on top."


Almond Joy Chocolate Bark

"This was easy to make and so tasty. I don't even like dark chocolate, but this combination was brilliant."


Mangocado Pudding

"Don't let the color fool you; this is wonderful. The mango gives it just enough sweetness, and the avocado lends a rich, creamy texture."


Peanut Butter Cups

"I make these in a silicone muffin pan and store them in the freezer. They pop out really easily and are ready to eat after a few minutes."

-Geniale Genie

Carrot Bites

"I loved the combination of the carrots, dates and coconut. These were delightful, to say the least."

-Sydney Mike

Copycat Larabars

"These are so great. They will be part of my on-the-go breakfast every day."


Tahini & Honey Spread

"What a winning combination. The honey complements the earthy sesame flavor from the tahini perfectly."


Paleo Bread

"This is by far the best paleo bread recipe I’ve ever made."

-Wendys Kitchen

Lemony-Orange Slices

"This was simple, quick, healthy and delicious. I loved the sweet-tart topping for the orange slices."

-Dreamer in Ontario

Honey-Hazelnut Spread

"This is delicious. It is very easy to make and, in my opinion, better than Nutella."

-Albert M

Chocolate Fruit Kebabs

"This is a great, healthy breakfast or snack. I’m sure kids would love these too."


Lemon Kale Chips

"These were simple and tasty. They came out perfectly."


Gluten-Free Cinnamon Muffins

"I loved the nutty taste of the almond flour and the cinnamon. I could not stop eating these."

-Chef #384918

Bananas With Carob Sauce

"This recipe is amazingly delicious. The carob and date sauce is so smooth, sweet and yummy."


Prosciutto Breakfast Bake

"This was super tasty, super easy and super quick. It had great flavor and textures."

-Baby Kato

Flax Seed Balls

"I’m so glad I found this recipe. These are a good way to get some healthy seeds into your diet."


Chocolate Chia Pudding

"This is so thick, creamy and tasty. I love the combination of cocoa and cinnamon."


Bacon-Wrapped Olives

"These are very addictive. My husband and I couldn’t stop eating them."


Jicama Sticks with Strawberry Dip

"This dip is so good, I could drink it. I wouldn't change a thing about this recipe."


Chocolate Bark with Mixed Nuts

"This is delicious bark. The nut and fruit combination is great, and it is so easy to prepare."


Cinnamon-Maple Macadamia Nuts

"These were easy and delicious. I loved the cinnamon."


Almond & Tahini Date Balls

"These were great tahini balls. They stuck together well and tasted very yummy."

-Mia in Germany

Mango-Berry Delight

"The mango puree was fantastic. I served it over strawberries, but I would love to try it with other berries in the future."