17 Nut-Free Sandwiches & Snacks

Whether your child has a nut allergy or you need to be nut-aware because of school policy, find 10 tasty recipes that your kid can safely bring for lunchtime.


Crunchy cookies dipped in sweet icing laced with sprinkles—what's not to love about this childhood classic?

Healthy Sandwich

"This is a fun little sandwich. The ingredients worked wonderfully together."


Easy Banana Bread

"Absolutely the easiest recipe and delicious, to boot! I made this last night and my family finished it off by noon today."

-Maryland Jim

Pink Pinwheels

"These are great. Even my toddler is asking for them to snack on instead of junk food! The filling is really excellent!"


Cheesy Barbecued Popcorn

"I'll pick savory over sweet every time, and this was a good savory popcorn. It was easy, delicious and I really enjoyed it — and so did my 2-year-old!"


Baked Rice Pudding

"What a lovely recipe for rice pudding! It's totally worth the time! Gorgeously creamy and sweet; I served it with plenty of cinnamon and some fresh blueberries."


Snack Stackers (Lunch Box Surprise)

"Great idea! My first-grader loved it. He's always begging for the ones already made up at the store that I refuse to buy."


Chewy Fruit & Oatmeal Bars

"Cakelike, but still chewy! And most important, these are so healthy! The dried fruits add great flavor to every bite."


Fast & Easy Roast Beef Wraps

"I have three kids, and there's often a lot of complaining at dinnertime. I have been serving these weekly with no complaining!"


Strawberry-Passion Fruit Leather

"These simple snacks are healthy and often more convenient to eat than fresh fruit!"

-Sandi (From CA)

Quick & Easy Tuna Salad Sandwiches

"Perfect tuna sandwich! My son and I loved this. It was just the right amount of everything."


Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Chicken Soup

"This is the perfect soup for my family. I pack it in a thermos for my kids to take to school and it always comes back empty!"


Surprise Cupcakes

"My mom use to make these with Devil's Food cake mix, so that's what I used. I love that you don't have to use a lot of frosting these since the cream cheese mixture is plenty sweet."


Club Sandwich

"This sandwich is excellent and tastes just like the one at my favorite diner. Now I can make it at home!"


Baked Bananas with Cinnamon & Honey

"I think I'm addicted to this. I've made it twice within the past two days."


Pizza Slices

"For being low-cal, this sure doesn't taste like it. What a great idea."


Popcorn Snack Mix

"I can understand why kids would love this mix. I'm no longer a kid and I even loved it."