Food News 2017: The Year in Review

The Genius Kitchen Newsroom compiles its most epic, entertaining and popular stories from 2017. Well, at least from the part of 2017 when GK existed and actually had a newsroom.

This California Wine Will Give You a Different Kind of Buzz

With 2018 on the doorstep, California is oh-so-close to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. One company is hoping that adults will consider their new vino. Watch out; it might just get you “giggly and naked.”

Drunk Vegan Man Arrested After Ordering 200 McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

This guy took cheat day to whole new heights, and took us all for a hilariously wild ride in the process. But with that kind of breathalyzer score, we’re just thankful that we weren’t actually in the car with him.

Pepsi Releases Seasonal, Dessert-Themed Beverages

You know that birthday cake is all the rage these days, but did you know that strawberry cake is big in Japan around the holidays? GK readers went wild at the prospect of Christmas Cola—and two other holiday-themed sodas.

Say Hello to the Latest, Greatest Oreos You Ever Did See

Oreo always makes a splash when they release new flavors, but nobody was expecting to see so many at once. 2018 will bring many things, including three fan-designed cookies and a bunch of seasonal options. Oh and get this: there’s Nutella involved.

Deer Meat Sandwiches, Only at Arby's

Venison: it’s the other red meat. In 2016, Arby’s took this frequently ignored mammalian muscle, and turned it into a big old steak sandwich. It was so popular that they had to bring it back this year, on a much bigger scale.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-Crusted Turkey Gives Thanksgiving a Nuclear Makeover

Thanksgiving shouldn’t always be taken so seriously. Sure, GK’s got a killer guide to all the side dishes you could ever need, but sometimes you just need to cut loose and encrust your turkey in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Pilfering Possum Breaks into Liquor Store & Drinks Bottle of Bourbon

A crazy critter was fiending for a drink, so it broke into a liquor store and downed a bottle of bourbon. Don’t believe us? We don’t believe us either.

Hello Kitty Bubbly Arrives, Just in Time for the Holidays

There’s nothing like an animated cat to tell your dinner hosts, “I know my way around the wine shop.” No, seriously. It may have Japanese cartoons and be available in America, but these bottles are straight off the boat from Italy.

McDonald's Runs Out of Szechuan Sauce, Outraging Eaters

What happens when McDonald’s attempts a Yeezy-esque super-limited-edition hype campaign around one-ounce containers of Szechuan Sauce? Let’s just say that nobody has rioted yet over Kanye’s sneakers.

Starbucks Launches Zombie Frappuccino, Confirming Halloween Rumors

First, there was the Unicorn Frappuccino. Then, the unicorn dressed up for Halloween and the world was given the Zombie Frappuccino. took a field trip to try them, and our favorite part was the brains.