33 New Year's Eve Finger Foods

Need some company-worthy nosh for your New Year's Eve party? Start the New Year in style by passing around a tray of these elegant appetizers.

New Year's Pizza

An epic pizza for an epic new year. Feed the party with these numbered pizzas.

Champagne Gummy Gems

These gummy, boozy candies are perfect for celebrating the new year.

Coconut Shrimp

"My family ate these as fast as I could get them out of the fryer. They were surprisingly easy to make."

-Realtor by day, Chef by night

Prosciutto-Wrapped Greens

"I needed to bring a cold appetizer to a holiday gathering and I decided to give these a whirl. They tasted absolutely fabulous."


Savory Cheddar Spread

"This is now one of my favorite spreads and I will be making it often!"


Champagne-Battered Chicken Nuggets

Invite these crispy yet tender chicken nuggets to your next New Year’s Eve ball since they’ll pair perfectly with a glass of bubbly.

Garlicky Tapas Tomatoes

"These are quick to prepare and they are delicious. A few simple ingredients made this and excellent dish."

-Chef floWer

Manchego & Serrano Crostini

"It's amazing that just a few basic ingredients can come together into something so delicious!"


Fried Olives

"This is a great treat to have with a glass of wine. The olives are easy to make and can be prepared in advance."


Mushroom Toasts

"These are delicious, very easy and great for entertaining."


Smoked Salmon Pancakes

"These had a beautiful blend of flavors. I loved the way the pancakes rounded out the richness of the salmon and sour cream."

-Peter J

Serrano Ham-Wrapped Mango Wedges

"This was a delicious recipe. The combination of the juicy mangoes, ham and cheese made this the perfect tapas snack."


Chicken Cakes with Avocado Aioli

"These were great. I loved the fresh flavor from the lemon, and the avocado mayo was perfect."

-McEvil's Wife

Mini Brie Tarts

"These were quick, easy and elegant. I loved them!"

-Nancy G.

Greek Spinach & Rice Balls

"As far as appetizers go, these had an unbelievable combination and layer of flavors. My friends loved them."

-Happy Hobbit

Phyllo-Wrapped Goat Cheese

"These were easy to make but still had sophisticated flavors. My guests were impressed."


Scallop Sliders with Cilantro-Lime Aioli

"I brought these to a party where they vanished quickly. Everyone was asking me for the recipe."

-Crazy Lady in Florida Keys

Prosciutto & Potato Cakes

"These are so easy and have a great taste, too. This is definitely on my list of recipes to use again."


Crab Puffs

"These are so good. The flaky phyllo is a nice background to the flavorful filling."


Mini Mozzarella & Tomato Sticks

"This is a mouthwatering and visually pleasing appetizer. I placed these on the table at my party, and when I turned around they were already gone!"


Cilantro Canapes

"These will surely impress your guests. The mint and lime juice really make the flavors pop. The colors are beautiful too."


Fig & Gorgonzola Thumbprints

"These definitely aren't diet-friendly, but they're well-worth the guilt that settles in when all that's left are the crumbs."



"I made these for New Year's and it was a wonderful and easy recipe."


Black Olive Dip

"I made this for a party the other night and it got rave reviews. This recipe is an easy crowd pleaser."


Smoked Oyster Snacks

"This snack is one of my guilty pleasures. It goes great with a glass of red wine."


Stuffed Jalapenos

"The pepper's stuffing is awesome and the mint flavor is wonderful. These are a great snack and a party hit."


Marinated Shrimp Canapes

"This was a very attractive, tasty and healthy appetizer that was a snap to put together. They were part of my holiday smorgasbord and they were enjoyed by all."


Lemon & Caper-Stuffed Eggs

"I made these for a company party and everyone raved about them!"

-Chef #1452012

Dried Apricots With Blue Cheese

"These were gorgeous and so tasty. They were a big hit at my cocktail party."

-Heather #2

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

"These make such quick and delicious appetizers. They were served as part of our holiday celebration."


Cranberry-Glazed Brie

"This is something I make frequently during the holidays because it is always a success!"

-- Carla -

Stuffed Champagne Cupcakes

If you're the kind of person who likes to start off the New Year with a bit of sugar, have no shame! Indulge with these champagne-filled sweets.

Pink Champagne Poke Cake

The countdown to a New Year includes this celebratory cake infused with the sparkling essence of champagne.