18 New Year's Breakfast Recipes

Feeling less than stellar on New Year's morning? Kick 2021 into high gear with pick-me-up recipes like breakfast nachos, Bloody Marys and poached eggs.

Brian's Breakfast Nachos

Who says you can't have nachos for breakfast? To make this fun and hearty recipe, just layer bacon, sausage patties and cheese on a bed of crunchy tortilla chips.

Hangover Poached Eggs

"I served these eggs with coffee and ginger ale on New Year's morning, and they fixed my husband and me right up. I will be making them again, hangover or no hangover."


Quick Cinnamon Rolls

"Love how quick this is. No waiting on them to rise or messing with yeast. My whole family approved of them!"


Bloody Marys by the Pitcher

The tomatoes and celery in these zesty Bloody Marys are packed with replenishing vitamins, and the chipotle adds a dash of purifying heat.

Maple Syrup-Fried Eggs with Waffles

Frozen waffles and maple syrup? Check. Eggs? Check. With just three ingredients, you can whip up the ultimate sweet-and-savory breakfast creation.

Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich

"I love anything with cheese whiz, so this is right up my alley! Had to make two, one just wasn't enough!"

-karen downes

Three-Meat Breakfast Pizza

"Awesome! I made this pizza for about 15 breakfast guests, and everyone loved it. You can prepare all the toppings the day before, which makes it fast and easy to assemble in the morning."

-Rather Be Cookin

Passion Fruit Mimosa

Orange juice is so last year! Mix it up the morning after with tropical passion fruit mimosas instead. For a fresh touch, garnish each glass with a strawberry.

MockDonald Breakfast Sandwich

Why leave your house on New Year's morning when you can make these delicious breakfast sandwiches at home? Perfect for one person, a crowd or any number in between!

DIY Fresh Yogurt

Learn to make your own yogurt from scratch to start the year off fresh and sophisticated.

Basic Home Fries

"We had these home fries for our New Year's brunch! They were great paired with our other menu items. I topped mine with a little salsa and sour cream."


Jealous Marys

If you're in the mood for a refreshing breakfast cocktail, look no further than this fun cucumber spin on a traditional Bloody Mary. Be sure to use green Tabasco sauce to achieve the drink's beautiful color.

Potato & Sausage Fry-Up

This skillet boasts the ultimate hangover meal trifecta, with meat, cheese and potatoes. Serve with hot sauce for extra oomph.

Breakfast Burritos

Here's a unique twist on a weeknight dinner favorite — and a fabulous choice for New Year's morning. These burritos are especially great if you have leftovers from the previous night's feast.


For a special touch, you can make this cute egg dish with brioche, but its beauty is in its simplicity: No matter what bread you use, it will be ready to eat in just 10 minutes!

Spicy Cajun Bloody Mary Mix

"This makes wonderful Bloody Marys! My guests and I loved the spice. I saved some extra tomato juice for anyone who couldn't handle the heat, but no one asked for it. I guess I had a crowd of fire-breathers!"


Huevos Rancheros

Ready in just 15 minutes, cheesy huevos rancheros ("rancher's eggs") make a super-easy and satisfying post-party breakfast.

Stomach Relief Tea with Honey

Still nursing an upset stomach? Try this comforting tea made with ginger and honey.