How to Make Your Whole Thanksgiving Dinner In a Muffin Tin

Turns out, there's nothing you can't make in a muffin tin.

Friendsgiving, Reimagined

No need to borrow all of your mom's casserole dishes this year — your trusty muffin tin can handle all of the classics (with a bit of imagination).

Feta Veggie Tarts

Skip the veggie tray and go straight for these tarts packed with zucchini, peppers, carrots and tangy feta.

Brussels Sprouts Bites

Brussels sprouts are essential for Thanksgiving, but we like them better as a finger food. Did we mention these are only four ingredients?

Potato Stacks

Let's be honest: your mashed potatoes never turn out right. These beauts are foolproof — just slice, stack and bake.

Turkey & Spinach Bites

Save your friends from watching you ~try~ to carve a turkey and opt for these meatloaf-style muffins instead.

Cheesy Stuffing Bites

As if stuffing isn't crave-worthy enough, adding cheese really takes things to the next level.

Mini Cupcake Tin Pies

You'll never need to decide which pie to try if all of your pies are bite-sized!

Cranberry Orange Muffins

Store-bought crescent rolls make the perfect canvas for tart cranberries and sweet, silky cream cheese.

All or Muffin

Whether it's friends or fam at your table, they'll go crazy for these mini turkey day morsels.