Year in Review: The 25 Most Popular News Stories of 2018

What a wild ride 2018 has been! From Tide Pod pizza to Taco Bell fries to Chrissy Teigen making salads with no clothes on, here are the stories that Genius Kitchen readers loved this year.

#25: Salt Bae Yields to Health Code, Spanks Steaks with Gloves

Mr. Bae’s performative meat slicing turned him into a meme, but his bare hands almost landed his new NYC restaurant with some serious fines. This was a story of redemption.

#24: Girl Scout Sells 300 Boxes of Cookies Outside Cali Weed Dispensary

With changing rules around cannabis consumption, one entrepreneurial Girl Scout staked out some prime territory for those in dire need of a snack.

#23: Kentucky Warehouse Collapses, Dropping 9,000 Barrels of Bourbon

That’s the smell of sadness, friends. While we would have travelled to help them lap it up, alas, we were not allowed.

#22: Taco Bell Fries Are Finally Here, & They Only Cost $1

A taco joint… selling fries? All the naysayers were silenced this year as America’s favorite Mexican restaurant (yup) released their very own fries—with an amusing T.V. advertisement to boot.

#21: Sacramento Chick-fil-A Announces New Starting Wage of $17 Per Hour

Fried chicken with a side of fair wages. With the nation embroiled in a conversation of a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers, one Chick-fil-A came and upped the ante by two.

#20: The 'B' in IHOP's Name-Change Gimmick Stands for Burgers

We’d rather not think about this painfully confusing gimmick any longer. Has anybody actually tried their burgers? Reach out to us @GeniusKitchen and let us know how they were.

#19: New 'Fried' Oreos Save You a Trip to the State Fair

Oreos are always a winner in the books of readers, but what happens when you batter them, fry them, then make them available at supermarkets? People fall in love, that’s what.

#18: Maine Woman Finds 3-Inch Lizard in Her Lettuce

This one will make you think twice about eating while not looking. Yeah, we’re talking to you, Netflix-eaters. Keep an eye on that plate!

#17: KFC Taps Reba McEntire to Be First Female Colonel Sanders

The Colonel swore that he wasn’t a famous woman and, you know, for a second there we almost believed him.

#16: Is Tide Pod Pizza the Key to Fighting Tide Pod Consumption?

This seems like forever ago, but yes, the Tide Pod Challenge happened in 2018, which is just another reason why we’re happy 2018 is over. At least this pizzeria had a sense of humor.

#15: Kit Kat Introduces the First-Ever ‘Ruby’ Chocolate Bar

In terms of candy innovation, this one is major. You’ve had white, dark and milk chocolates; just wait until you try the all-new pink stuff.

#14: Costco Food Court Menu Gets Healthy Face Lift, Angering Customers

Just imagine IKEA trying to get rid of its Swedish meatballs, and you’ll understand the fury of Costco shoppers when the bulk superstore announced that it would no longer be selling its Polish hot dogs.

#13: Frozen River of Chocolate Forms After German Factory Malfunctions

Willy Wonka opened the valves and let his river run free! OK, not really, but local police officers sure had a heck of a time cleaning this one up.

#12: Oreo Releases Hot Chicken Wing & Wasabi Cookies

This was a very special headline, because we all know that if dessert should taste like anything, it should taste like Buffalo sauce.

#11: PSA: Why You Should Be Avoiding Romaine Lettuce Right Now

This was just the first of romaine’s 2018 woes. The outbreak started in 2017 and continued to the point where Consumer Reports advised a complete moratorium on the lettuce until the source could be identified.

#10: October at Applebee's Means $1 Zombie Cocktails with Brain Garnish

Spooky cocktails made with everything but the kitchen sink. Maybe bookmark this one on Pinterest for your next Halloween party.

#9: Fireball Whisky Coats Highway After Trucks Collide party animals flipped when they saw images of their favorite cinnamon-flavored booze littered about the side of a highway. Thankfully, there was still plenty on liquor store shelves the following weekend.

#8: Popeyes Provides 'Emotional Support Chickens' to Travelers

While we understand that some might need a bit of comforting while boarding a long-haul flight, we at GK cannot abide the consumption of fragrant fried poultry in the confines of an airplane. Have some respect, dangit!

#7: Do Americans Want Mayochup?

Spoiler alert: yes, they did. You can buy it now… or just make it yourself.

#6: Kylie Jenner Tries Cereal With Milk For the First TIme

Nothing like some wholesome, important news about the food choices of the stars. Also, in case you missed it, Ice-T ate his first bagel this year.

#5: In-N-Out Managers Make More Money Than You

This one made a lot of us reconsider our life choices. Not just for the money, but because we would totally eat In-N-Out each and every day if we could.

#4: Molten Chocolate Tanker Flips & Spills On Polish Highway

Another day, another road coated in chocolate. Plenty of you volunteered to help clean it up, but we couldn’t help but think that your offers were rather self-serving.

#3: Blue Ivy Makes Mama Beyoncé Hold Her Juice Box

Queen Bey is arguably the most badass celeb of our day, but on Grammys night we all learned who really wears the pants in this mother-daughter relationship.

#2: Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Makes Salads in the Nude for Instagram

Yeah, this one seems pretty self-explanatory.

#1: Here's What the Royal Wedding's 600 Lunch Guests Feasted On

You might have forgotten by now about the sacred union between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but we still have an image in our head of George Clooney dancing on tables. Consider this a holiday gift from us to you!