Our 23 Most Popular Instagram Recipes

We present to you our most-double-tapped Instagram recipes. Trending now, these viral eats will have you feeling #blessed and #thankful.

Hawaiian Pizza Dip

We all know pineapple pizza is a favorite, but this dip brings cheesy, caramelized sweetness and salty pork to a medley of deliciousness.

Better Than Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce

“I served this with fettuccine tossed in and garnished with sautéed mushrooms, sliced cherry tomatoes and wine-steamed clams. Extremely easy!”

-Jim B.

Peanut Butter & S’mores Puppy Chow

Puppy chow is great for that sweet and salty crunch you crave, but why not kick it up a notch? Peanut butter makes everything better, and this is example A!

Perfectly Poached Eggs

"Serve on buttered toast for a 'regular' Sunday breakfast, or make eggs Benedict or eggs Florentine for a 'special' occasion."


3-Ingredient Bacon Bites

Melted cheese wrapped in sausage, then wrapped in bacon, and baked to crispy, tender perfection.

Chinese Fried Rice

“I made this to use up leftover turkey and rice when my family was turkey'd out. The results were fantastic. My husband was shocked and told me it tasted just like the restaurant’s!”


Chicken Parmesan

“This was really simple. I set my electric skillet at 350 and it was ready after 12 minutes. I dished the spaghetti into individual serving bowls and topped them with the finished chicken parmesan. I then added one last sprinkle of grated parm!”


The Best Brownies

“I absolutely love this recipe! I ended up finding it because I didn’t have any butter one night. I think it has a better texture and taste when made with oil."

-Shayla M.

Award-Winning Chili

“I have made chili for many years. This recipe is awesome! It has the perfect amounts of everything from thickness to bean ratio."

-Nicole N.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

“What a super easy and low-cost recipe! I added leftover ham with extra cheese to make it creamy. I sent some home with a neighbor and she said it was even better the next day."

-Andrea P.

Grilled Breakfast Burrito

“Loved these. I made a big batch and froze them for later in the week. I can't wait to eat them later on!”

-Jonathan Melendez

Flour-less Banana Bread Pancakes

A twist on banana bread, and those delicious crepes that can be for breakfast or an after-dinner dessert. This flour-less treat will leave you feeling light, while still satisfying that sweet tooth!

Perfect Spaghetti Squash

“This was so delicious. I'm never making it any other way. We really love garlic, so this was just a feast for us!”


Orange Chicken Dino Nuggets

“The flavor of these nuggets was really delicious. I appreciated that the sauce wasn’t too sweet and was full of gingery, orangey flavor. They’d be great to assemble ahead of time, and keep in the freezer for a short-notice dinner!”

-Izy Hossack

Bacon Pancake Dippers

You know how when you meet the one you're supposed to be with, you just know? We just know about these two. Sweet and salty, with butter-seeped pancakes and drizzles of maple syrup.

Olive Garden Copycat Zuppa Toscana

“This soup is excellent. It comes together quickly, and would make a great informal meal for guests. Just add crusty bread and salad!”


Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake

“This recipe was super easy to prepare, and was a big hit with everyone. Who would not love potatoes, bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning?”


Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies

“Not only is this recipe fabulous, but it’s versatile! I have a friend who can’t have cinnamon, so I made half snickerdoodle cookies, and the other half sugar cookies. They both turned out phenomenal."

-Mara C.

Ham & Cheese Arancini

"Yummy, comforting deep-fried rice balls filled with ham and onion, stuffed with melty, gooey cheese."


Eggs in Clouds

“I served these eggs with blueberry muffins & sliced nectarines for a simple brunch. They were delicious! The presentation is quite elegant, making this a good choice for entertaining.”

-Judy From Hawaii

Lasagna Dip

This next-level game day appetizer features a cheesy sausage-and-tomato dip with fried lasagna noodle chips.

Rainbow Sangria

This rainbow trifle of fruit is delicious as is, but soak it in a sangria mixture and call it a summer day!

Panera's Broccoli & Cheese Soup

“Fantastic. Nutmeg makes an amazing taste. I only added more broccoli because I like a chunkier soup. Flavors were amazing!”