32 Most Popular Guacamole Recipes

Jazz up your guacamole with some of our favorite renditions like cilantro or a splash of tequila for a twisted dip! The best of our homemade guacamole recipes are perfect with crunchy tortilla chips on the side, or just to be enjoyed by the spoonful.

Authentic Mexican Guacamole

"This is the exact recipe the Mexican chef in Cancun gave me when we went for our honeymoon! Delicious and so simple."


Cajun Guacamole Shrimp Cups

"These were really delicious! I served these to friends as a snack with some drinks. They are really easy to assemble so they were perfect for a quick appetizer.

-Izy Hossack

Guacamole with Jalapeno

"Make this guacamole even better by adding fresh squeezed orange juice along with the lime juice!"


Margarita Guacamole

"This was delicious! So fresh tasting. I accidentally dumped a bit more tequila than called for, but it definitely didn't hurt the outcome. This is a full flavor guacamole for sure."


Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich

"This is so simple and yet so wonderful! Takes your tried and true grilled cheese sandwich up a few notches."


Copycat Chili's Fire-Grilled Corn Guacamole

"I worked at Chili's for 2 1/2 years and just this year they came out with the most delicious guacamole I'd ever tried! This is the authentic recipe for it."


Simple Guacamole

"We made this guacamole to serve with our fajita dinner on Sunday - excellent. Love the tang the lime juice adds. I didn't change a thing and won't in the future! We'll be serving this often."


Asparagus Guacamole

"I actually thought it was better than standard guacamole. It was light and the wonderful sweet flavor of asparagus just shone through. It really is delicious!"

-Maggie 5

Loaded Guacamole Potato Salad

"I loved this potato salad - mainly because it doesn't have any mayo in it and it was still delicious! Perfect for picnics."

-Jonathan Melendez

Deep Fried Guacamole

"I never would have thought to make these, but I'm glad I tried them. Really fantastic for a snack and great for freezing and using leftover guacamole!"


Guacamole With Sour Cream

"I've always been a big fan of adding sour cream or Greek yogurt to guacamole as it makes the texture super smooth and creamy! This recipe is perfect for anyone wanting a simple, no frills guacamole for any occasion."

-Probably This

Guacamole with Pomegranate & Pears

"What a gorgeous and tasty twist on normal guacamole! I'm a really picky guac eater, but this one passed the test. Really lovely and so addictive!"


Tomatillo Guacamole

A simple yet delicious combination of avocado and tomatillo for a slight twist on a beloved classic.

Quinoa Guacamole Chicken Wraps

"I added a little bit of balsamic vinegar to the quinoa and then mixed it in with the guacamole, and the combination turned into this texture-rich, super flavorful, smooth paste that was so delicious I didn't want it to end. I thought, man, this would be great in a wrap!"

-Anastasia G

Guacamole with Plum Tomato

"Absolutely loved this! I served it by the spoonfuls and dropped them into tortilla scoops. Topped with some chopped black olives. Really good."


Guacamole-Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

"These appetizers came just at the right moment! I took this recipe for the colors (green and salmon), but we are really impressed about the taste and unusual combination with fennel."


Salsa Guacamole

"Yum! I used this exact recipe, but added some finely chopped red onion to it as well. Everyone always wants the recipe and the best part is that it's so darn easy."


Copycat Chipotle's Guacamole Recipe

"Excellent! I love Chipolte's Guacamole and this tastes just like it. I could eat it everyday. Really great recipe."


Classic Tex-Mex Guacamole

"Very good! When I have leftover Guacamole I put one of the pits in the center of this dip and it stays fresh longer."

-Gail Pethers

Tuna Guacamole Wrap

"Really lovely combo, made and enjoyed exactly as directed. Thanks for posting this healthy lunch option!"


Caribbean Style Guacamole

"Wow! What a difference it makes by adding the mango. This was really quite sweet with that added to the guacamole, aside from the hot pepper. What a fun change of flavors for eating chips and guacamole."


Guacamole with Eggplant

"It was really a pleasure to prepare this dish and offer it to my family. Easy, tasty light and as spicy as we all like."


Classic Guacamole with Cilantro

"I loved the flavor of the lime and cilantro and as others have said it looks so nice with the color from the tomatoes. We will use this again!"


Creamy Guacamole

"I just whipped this up using all the preferred ingredients, and it was wonderful! Sometimes, the most simple ingredients taste the absolute best, and this is very true of this simple, easy recipe."

-Andi Longmeadow Farm

Twisted Guacamole

"I really loved the addition of tequila! Great, easy guacamole."

-Queen Dana

Cajun Guacamole

"An excellent twist on guacamole! Nice kick to this, and the celery salt really gives a stand out flavor."


Guasacaca - Guacamole from Venezuela

"Excellent flavor combination that made for a lovely, meatless sandwich. I stuffed my veggie mixture into a lightly-toasted pita pocket and no mess with stuff oozing out. Loved every bite!"


Aztec Guacamole

"This recipe combines two of my favorite things: avocados and salsa verde. This guacamole will top my tacos from now on, not to mention how great this is just to snack on all by itself!"


Chunky Guacamole

"Perfectly seasoned and well balanced guacamole. Very flavorful!"


Guacamole Salad

"This is fantastic. A beautiful, colorful salad with such a fresh taste! I made it several times already, exactly as written, and wouldn't change a thing."


Cheesy Guacamole Quesadillas

"I really enjoyed these quesadillas! Lots of veggies and yummy cheese."


Naked Guacamole

"We love avocados in my family. This is called naked guacamole because the flavor of the avocado itself is highlighted along with a bit of crunch from the onion, tomato, salt, lime and cilantro."