31 Mediterranean Diet Recipes You'll Actually Crave

Long known to be delicious and heart-healthy, a Mediterranean diet emphasizes plant-based foods, healthy fats, herbs and spices, and eating red meat less often. Give it a taste with one of our flavorful recipes.

Mediterranean Chicken Breasts With Avocado Tapenade

"My husband and I made this for dinner last night and our only complaint was that we ate too much because it was so good!"


Mediterranean Balsamic Mushrooms

"I'm starting to cook more with balsamic vinegar and this one hit the spot. I used white button, less oil and no salt. Delicious!"


Shakshuka Burrito with Pepper Salsa & Tzatziki

This shakshuka breakfast burrito is topped with roasted red pepper salsa and an easy-to-make yogurt sauce. Plus, it's Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean Lasagna

This lasagna is packed with veggies between each noodle layer.

Mediterranean Chicken With Tomatoes, Kalamata and Mushrooms

"Delicious recipe. My wife loves olives and chicken thighs, so this recipe hit the spot."


Mediterranean Chopped Salad

Let this salad shine on its own, or pair it with your favorite pasta for an extra-hearty meal.

Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Mediterranean-style recipe uses olive oil to bake a tender, moist cookie.

Strawberry Trifle

This Mediterranean-style trifle is made with olive oil chocolate chip cookies, fresh fruit, honey and a dusting of flaky sea salt.

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

“Superb recipe. Delicious served with roast chicken. I’ll add salmon next time!”


mediterranean couscous salad

"This was great! I omitted the feta cheese, and used walnuts instead of pine nuts. It all came together in the end, with the crunch of the walnuts complimenting the kidney beans, tomatoes, and couscous to perfection!"


Greek Turkey Burgers

The flavor of these burgers will transport you to the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Kalamata Hummus

"I thought this was the best hummus I have ever had. And I made it!"


Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

“This was a most enjoyable salad. With the cheese this could easily be a full meal on it's own but it was great with grilled chicken. A wonderful balance of flavors.”


Mediterranean Hummus Appetizer

"Amazing! I licked the bowl clean!"

-Natural Life

Mediterranean Lentil Soup with Spinach

"This was delicious! My fiance (the vegetarian) and I (the carnivore) loved it. It was earthy, substantial and flavorful!"


Mediterranean Shrimp With Garlic Chips

"Delicious! We all loved the garlic chips. The shrimp were perfectly done, the rosemary just right. Served over linguini with some lemon olive oil."

-Chef Kate

Cod With Mediterranean Salsa

“We really enjoyed this! I used nice thick pieces of cod - I soaked them in milk for about 30 minutes prior to cooking them to take some of the fishy flavors out. I then followed the recipe as written and it was perfection!”


Mediterranean Chicken Salad

“This was so easy to prepare and simply delicious. The tarragon, lemon and mustard blended just beautifully and elevated the components of the salad."


Mediterranean Tuna Stuffed Tomato

"Yum! This was great. I've never had a tuna salad before that didn't have mayo so this was a refreshing contrast."


Mediterranean Corn Salad

“This salad is so good and the basil really adds a ton of flavor. The corn and chickpeas are great together. That's a great filling lunch!”


Mediterranean Salad

"Fantastic salad. The chickpeas make it filling enough to be a complete meal. I made this according to the recipe and included the optional capers and added some sliced onion. Simple but great!"


Mediterranean Spinach

“We really enjoyed the appearance & the taste of this recipe. I didn't have fresh dill so I used dry. Easy to prepare!”


Mediterranean Dip Duo

"I thought the salsa was totally awesome! I loved all the flavors, and the feta added just the right kick to make it a little different from other salsas. Lovely!”


Mediterranean Edamame Salad

"We loved it! The salad had the crunch from the beans, sweetness from the tomatoes and salt from the cheese and olives!"

-Abby Girl

Mediterranean White Bean Soup

“This bean soup has become a staple in my house. It's proof that a bean soup does not need pork or bacon to be delicious. The only thing I do differently is add an extra potato for more thickness!”


Mediterranean Salad With Lemon Caper Vinaigrette

“This was such a yummy salad, and a such a fantastic dressing to go with it. We found it had a lovely blend of the lemon and vinegar!”


Mediterranean Salad

"This is really, really good stuff. I mean really good!"


Mediterranean Salmon

"Loved it! A quick and easier version of the copy-cat Buca Di Beppo Salmon Siracusa I often make! Delish."


Mediterranean Frittata

"What a delightful meal! I absolutely loved all of the fresh basil, with all those veggies and feta. It's easy to make, and full of flavor!"


Mediterranean Mahi Mahi With Olive and Shallot Tapenade

"This was a great dinner. I used fresh herbs from my garden, and kalamata olives. A lovely meal and one that we will be making again."

-Dr. Jenny

Mediterranean Feta Dip

"This is delicious! I think that I will throw the kalamata olives in with the rest of it next time, rather than using them for garnish."

-Paris D