19 Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes

The everlasting pressure cooker has taken the world by storm, but what if we told you it's good for more than just rice or the occasional beef stew? Get ready for low-carb meals that are oh-so-easy. These recipes are sure to keep you full longer, with no after-dinner cravings.

Thai Green Curry Chicken

"Very good! I've never had Thai green curry before and was very impressed with this recipe. Make sure to serve with lots of basmati rice to soak up all of the delicious sauce!"


Pork Carnitas

"An amazing recipe! I made this in the Instant Pot and it was some of the best carnitas we've ever had."


Quick Butter Chicken

“This is quick and light without so much of the butter and cream. I used an Instant Pot and it came together in half an hour!”


Beef Tips

“To be used in your pressure cooker. The next day, stir heavy cream or sour cream into the leftover sauce and serve it over pasta. We use the saute feature to brown the beef for added flavor!”

-donna k.

Italian Meatballs

"So delicious and easy! I used quinoa flakes instead of breadcrumbs to make it gluten-free. This recipe is a keeper!"


Asian Pork Chop

“I was looking for ways to use my new Instant Pot and found this recipe. It couldn’t have been easier, and the chops came out tender and moist.”

-Bonnie G 2

Beef Shawarma

“I made this for dinner last night. I added the marinade in with the cooking liquid and it was absolutely delicious. So tender and percent with gluten-free naan. I also made a greek yogurt and feta sauce to go with it.”

-Liesl G.

Sesame Chicken With Broccoli

“I made this for dinner this past week and it was a hit. We served it over brown rice. Super tasty!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Turkey Chili

"Absolutely delicious! This is one of my favorite soups. I made another batch to freeze for later."


Mongolian Braised Brisket With Coconut Milk

"The ingredients of this dish blended beautifully. I’d post a picture, but it was gone by the time I thought to take one."

-Robin G.

Baby Back Ribs

“I followed this recipe exactly and it was delicious. The result tasted like my favorite ribs at a restaurant in town!”


Duck Confit

Simplify an impressive dish by making it in your pressure cooker, with half the time and double the satisfaction!

Golden Mushroom Beef Stew

"This was delicious! I've never used a pressure cooker before, but this was so easy and tasted so good."


Spicy Korean Short Ribs

“I loved this simple recipe for the Instant Pot. It was delicious!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Hungarian Chicken

“I loved this recipe, and so did my husband! The cabbage was perfectly cooked, melting into the sauce but not overcooked. The chicken was fork tender but not dry. Delicious!"


Cumin Lamb Stew With Curry & Chilis

Serve a spicy Instant Pot stew to warm up the soul and to make your house smell divine!

Mom's Beef Stew

"I chose this recipe because you just throw everything into the pot. I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out perfect! The stew was so flavorful and delicious."


Butternut, Chard & White Bean Soup

"Just got my Instant Pot and tried this recipe. The whole family loved it! I added some pork shoulder meat to make it even tastier!”


Amazing & Fast Short Ribs

“Fast, easy and delicious! I also add a few tablespoons of my favorite BBQ sauce to the pot after the meat has cooked.”