20 Lobster Tail Recipes

Lobster tails can be prepared so many different ways, so get ready to be wowed. With these recipes, you'll even be grabbing from the frozen section during off-season!

Grilled Lobster Tails

“A great dish if you want to splurge or impress someone! The lobster tails were so flavorful and easy to make.”

-Jonathan Melendez

Butterflied Lobster Tails

“This was a great marinade! I’ve worked in fine dining restaurants for over 20 years and believe this was better than most I’ve had!”


Broiled Lobster Tails for Two

“This is the first time I’ve tried boiling lobster before grilling! It came out very well and was easy to get the meat out of the shell with this technique.”


Crusted & Grilled Lobster Tails

"My wife wasn't keen on the idea of fixing homemade lobster tails because we had never done it. When we followed this recipe, we thought it was the best lobster tail we had ever had! The recipe was easy to make.”


Grilled Garlic-Tarragon Lobster Tails

“My husband requested lobster tails for dinner and this was a perfect change from my usual recipe! We loved the tarragon, ginger and garlic in the butter.”

-Muffin Goddess

Grilled Lobster Tails

“Wonderful! This is so easy and the lobster came out nice and moist.”


One Pan Steamed Lobster Tails With Wine, Butter & Garlic Sauce

“This recipe is fantastic! Anything that is this easy with delicious, company-worthy results earns five stars without question.”


Lobster Tails

"Yum, I really enjoyed the citrus butter with these! I used a skewer through the lobster when I broiled it so that it didn't curl up too much.”


Tangerine Lobster Tails

“Really simple and very good! The tangerine gives a great citrus flavor without being as overpowering as lemon would be. The idea of using a skewer to stop it from curling is genius!”

-Peter J

Baked Stuffed Lobster Tails

“I made this last night for my husband to celebrate Valentine’s day. He loved this recipe! He said he enjoyed it more than the filet I made with it.”


Roasted Lobster Tails With Ginger Dipping Sauce

"Delicious! I’ve only ever steamed or boiled lobster, so this was a new method for me. I served them with steamed rice and a spinach salad.”

-Hey Jude

BBQ Morton Bay Bugs

Another name for a deliciously herby and garlicky lobster tail. Serve this to guests, you won’t regret it!

Barbecued Lobster Tails

"Great tasting, easy and quick. Who could ask for anything more? I've been searching for a good way to make lobster tails and I have found it.”


Lobster Tails with Citrus Butter

“I’ve only started cooking lobster in the past couple of years but this is by far the best! It was so flavorful and the citrus was pretty mild. I loved it and so did my husband.”


Lobster in Mushroom Wine Sauce

“I think we went to heaven and back. My husband found this recipe and we will certainly be doing it again!”


Lobster Salad Cocktail

“I made this for my family's New Year's Eve party and got nothing but praise. I will definitely make this again!"

-Chef Izzms

Lobster & Asparagus With Lemon-Butter Sauce

“Lobster with asparagus and lemon — how luscious can you get? It serves four as a main dish and six to eight as an appetizer!”

-Fairy Nuff

Lobster-Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

"I get rave reviews whenever I make this! Everyone licks their plates clean. It makes a very impressive presentation.”


Creole Shrimp & Lobster Bisque

“This was out of this world good! It was so creamy. It made me feel like I was in Florida.”


Lobster & Shrimp Roll

“I used to think lobster rolls were boring until I made them myself. The freshness combined with good seasoning makes all the difference!”

-Late Night Gourmet