Astro Eats: Leo Season

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Leo Season has arrived

The month honoring the Queens and Kings of the Jungle is easily the most flavorful of the summer season. As a concentrated fire sign, Leo inspires the zodiac to dazzle, lavish, and go big or don’t bother. These recipes will inspire you to declare intentions for confidence, bravery and good taste. So gather around beachfront barbeques and summer soirees that feel like royal banquets and pull up your throne for a taste of courage, self-esteem and worth.


Always an individualist, you don’t need to read a horoscope to find permission to be yourself unapologetically. You’re a crowd pleaser because you inspire the rest of the zodiac to live with more bold flavor every single day. Who doesn’t love burgers and pizza? No one, that’s who. Allow the Solar Eclipse in Leo to remind you: Everyone loves an Aries.


“Comfort” is thy middle name, Taurus. This month and perhaps evermore. Leo Season is inspiring you to seek safety, home and family. Everyone knows family gatherings around a big bowl of pasta create both peak flavor and comfort. It’s time to embrace the Leo Solar Eclipse with an indulgent bowl of carb-laced vegetables and cozy up at home.


As the premiere communicator, can you speak as well as you eat? Absolutely. You’ll need a recipe that’s quick, healthy, tasty and allows you to be mentally engaged. Why not try a low-maintenance caprese salad, guaranteed to take the edge off your hunger. Be your brilliant self under the Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th.


Healthy ingredients shouldn’t hurt your bank account, and the Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th is getting Cancer in touch with your financial success. Try creating a healthy cucumber tomato salad. It’ll be low cost but high quality. The easy and affordable ingredients, we’re looking at you basil and garlic, reminds Cancerians that food doesn’t need to be expensive to have value.


Happy Birthday, Leo! This month is all about you! Bask in the spotlight of the birthday parties, gifts and well-deserved affirmation. The Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th wants you to take a risk in the direction of your dreams and an innovative guac is the perfect way to do just that. Try making asparagus guacamole, it’s a light crisp take on the classic dip reminding Leo to stay innovative, glow up, and never settle.


You’re not imagining things, Virgo. It’s time to embrace the dreaminess you’ve been experiencing. You love sticking to the tried and true, but Leo Season is asking you to move past the norm. Face August 11th’s Solar Eclipse head-on by trying an unconventional fruit pizza. The sugar cookie crust and kiwi slices will inspire you to embrace the fantasy and magic.


Few friends are sweeter than Libra. This summer lifts your friendships to even sweeter places, while the Solar Eclipse in Leo asks you to sustain the best friendships you have while making room for new ones. Gather round this two-in-one recipe of Cherry Amaretto Cheesecake and Ice Cream! With this cheesecake at the center of your next gathering, you can’t go wrong.


Stay alert and focused, Scorpio! You’re going places fast this Leo Season while it sets your career ablaze. A Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th checkpoints your professional progress with reflection and gratitude. Why not treat yo’self to quesadillas for all the hard work you’ve contributed at the office?


Bon voyage, Sagittarius! You’re off and galloping to far corners of the world this summer and the Solar Eclipse in Leo wants to help add stamps to your passport. Your August 11th recipe is the Halo-Halo Hawaiian Filipino Dessert. Where pineapple, melon, and banana will act like one-way tickets to the exotic islands your future has in store for you.


It’s easy to get distracted by nonsense this summer but your Capricorn eyes are focused on luxury and quality. It’s time to focus on the real deal in matters of the heart. This Surf and Turf Deviled Egg plate is the Rolls Royce of recipes and will easily adhere to all the high standards of flavor you earnestly seek.


Summer lovin’ will have you on blast, Aquarius. Romances of the past, present, and future are on your summer menu and you’re loving the heart-centered connections. So your Solar Eclipse in Leo recipe is a Giant Heart Sunglasses cake. You’re one for innovative ideas and always keeping your eyes on love so here’s a cake that can do both.


As the sign that can handle complications and abstractions, let’s keep it simple. Leo Season is about detail, nutrition, and responsibilities. A Solar Eclipse on August 11th uplifts your health efforts which doesn’t have to be boring. So this Sweet-Hot Marinated Cucumber salad brings zest, spice, and efficiency to your diet.