Go 'Legally Blonde' with an Elle Woods Cake

Harvard Law School here we come! Doll up this Barbie with pink cake and fondant, because we all know there's not going to be any studying going on.

Elle Woods, Dressed to the Nines

There's more to this blonde than radiant hair and elegant clothes. That's right, there's sweet, sweet cake!

Bake your cake

Bake two 16-ounce cake recipes in a Wilton doll cake pan.

A Clean Break

Remove the cakes from the pan and slice the cake into three equal layers.

Now Mend it with sweets

Stack the cakes with buttercream between each layer.

Nice Outfit

Crumb coat the entire cake.

Primped & Perfect

Smooth out icing with an offset spatula.

Dig a Hole, Bruiser

Cut a hole into the top layer of cake big enough to fit a Barbie doll's legs.

Dressmaking time

Cover the doll cake in a 14-inch circle of pink fondant.

Bend and Snap!

Enhance the folds at the bottom of the cake.

Slip Into Something Comfy

Place your doll in the middle of the cake.

Build it up

Cover the dolls waist with pink fondant.

So smooth

Blend the fondant around the dolls waist into the rest of the cake.

Roll with Delta Nu

Roll out the pink fondant.

Highest fashion

Cut out the fabric pattern.

Layer up

Place the fondant on to the bottom of the cake at a 45-degree angle.

Bend & Snap Part 2

Fold the back of the fondant over to create a fold.

Add texture

Create fondant texture using sculpting tools.

Make Dress Waves

Repeat the process over around the entire cake.

Start the Cute Top

Cut out a long rectangle for the dolls top.

Cover up!

Attach the rectangle to the front of the doll.

Finish the top

Cut out a second rectangle.


Attach the rectangle to the opposite side of the dolls top.

Ruffle some fabric

Add small fondant fold to create texture for the top.

Gemini Vegetarian Sparkles

Paint on pink luster dust to give the top of the dress shine.

Start your belt

Cut black fondant into a long strip.

Secure it in place

Wrap the fondant around the dolls waist to create a belt.

Hair's So Now.

Comb the doll's hair.

No Objections

This is how you get into Harvard Law.