PART OF Easter

25 Ways to Use Up Leftover Ham

When the feasting is finished, we suggest you reinvent your Easter ham with these easy and creative ideas for next day lunches and dinners.

Ham Salad Sandwich

"We made this to use up our Easter ham. It made great sandwiches, but mostly we ate it on crackers."


Pineapple, Ham & Basil Pizza

"This had a very light flavor that was absolutely delicious. I really enjoyed the sweet and salty, and didn't even miss the pizza sauce."


Au Gratin Potatoes with Ham

"I made this recipe as directed, but with more ham. My daughter begged me to take the leftover home with her!"


Italian Easter Ham Pie

"This has been a tradition in our family since my great grandparents came from Italy. It is our most loved pie, and we make it for every occasion we can."

-The Miserable Gourmet

Quinoa with Ham & Cranberries

"I loved the mix of vegetables with the kick from the cayenne and the sweet from the cranberries — it's a perfect combo. We loved it hot and are looking forward to trying it out cold."


Spanish Rice With Ham

"I served this as a main dish with brown rice cooked from scratch. The ham makes this a very tasty and quick meal in a bowl."


Split Pea & Ham Chowder

"I had never had corn in split pea soup before, but it gave a nice flavor in addition to the other veggies. Good stuff!"


Easter Breakfast Casserole

"I made this for Easter brunch and it was a hit! I used sharp cheddar cheese to give it more flavor. This was so good with the leftover chunks of ham."


Ham Hoppin' John

"Delicious! We loved all the crisp bacon and ham in this. I ate this as a main dish — it is very hearty."


Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

"This is one of our favorite grilled sandwiches. We only use one thick slice of ham and one slice of cheese. We also add mayonnaise before grilling."

-Marsha D.

Breakfast Strata

"Really good and easy breakfast - great leftover too! I used french bread instead of white bread and I think it gave the strata a perfect texture."


Ham Quiche

"This recipe was the answer to our leftover HoneyBaked Ham. Everyone enjoyed their meal and has asked that this quiche be served again."


Italian Spaghetti with Ham

"This is a quick and easy way to use up leftover ham. Most ham dishes similar to this are loaded with cream, which I don't care for, so this recipe is a great find."

-Ginny Sue

Scalloped Potatoes & Ham Casserole

"This is a hearty and delicious version of scalloped potatoes. The Herbs de Provence adds a special touch."


Elbows & Ham Bake

"I used some of our leftover ham to make this, plus shell macaroni, sharp cheddar and a couple drops of hot sauce. I really liked the crunchy potato-chip topping."

-Alisa Lea

Ham & Cheddar Muffins

"These were very good. This savory muffin had a great texture and are an excellent use for leftover ham. They are perfect to reheat for breakfast."


Ham & Lentil Stew

"I used a meaty ham bone that was leftover from Easter. It was tasty, flavorful and warm."


Ham, Zucchini & Pumpkin Risotto

"The pumpkin was a great complement to the salty ham. The bright colors of the vegetables made this a beautiful dish to serve. This was absolutely dreamy"


Ham Hocks & Beans

"I love recipes like this — very fast and easy to put together, and yet, gives out so much flavor."

-Chuck in Killbuck

Macaroni Ham Salad

"This is a glorious dish from a presentation standpoint. I didn't change one thing — it's perfect the way it is."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Ham & Cheese Breakfast Bake

"Ham, cheese, bread, eggs — what's not to love? I especially loved the seasonings in it. They definitely add a little something."


Ham & Cheese Breakfast Bake

"Simplicity always wins. This couldn't be easier to put together, and yet it turns out so tasty. I even had some cold the next day for lunch."


Cheesy Ham & Penne Casserole

"This turned out delicious. The flavor is very nice and more complex than the usual macaroni and cheese, especially with a nice aged cheddar."


Ham Macaroni & Cheese

"I loved how easy this was to make. It was so nice to have a good recipe to use up some of my leftover ham. Wonderful!"

-sloe cooker

Leftover Ham Casserole

"This is a great ham casserole. I made this recipe exactly as stated, and it came out delicious."