Our 32 Top Intermittent Fasting Recipes

Whether you're eating within a twelve-hour, eight-hour, our four-hour window, you'll need substantial go-to meals that will keep you full all day! If you're thinking of consuming a high-protein diet for that very reason, you'll find all the options you need right here.

Spicy Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs

“Don’t be fooled by their size; these little bites pack a flavorful punch. Redolent of rich dark chocolate with a cinnamon-y kick, they’re topped with toasted coconut flakes and a touch of cayenne for spice.”


Grilled Lemon Salmon

“Having lemon in the name of the recipe really threw me, but it was fantastic! I served it alongside pineapple rice and fresh green beans, making it a very satisfying meal!”


Avocado Quesadillas

“We had friends over and I made these delicious and different quesadillas. I had to make two batches, one for the hotties and one for the mild! Monterey Jack cheese was a great choice for these.”

-Jillian L

Veggie-Packed Cheesy Chicken Salad

“This is so yummy! I cook up a bunch of chicken at the beginning of the week for use in salads and such. That worked great for this recipe! I put it on whole wheat bread. What a healthy, yummy sandwich!”


Cobb Salad with Brown Derby Dressing

“This is my favorite salad. When I make it, I may not have the exact list of greens, so I use what I have. I love the dressing, I use a hand blender to make it. Even my dad who is 92 loves this salad, and because it is chopped, it's easy for him to eat. It's perfect.”

-LJ D.

Vegan Fried ‘Fish’ Tacos

“Using silken tofu coated in a crispy panko coating is a great sub for fish. You can mix up the fillings as you like them - you can leave the pickled onions and make a fresh tomato salsa or mash the avocado up to make guac. Whatever you fancy!”

-Izy Hossack

Mediterranean Chicken Breasts With Avocado Tapenade

“My husband and I made this for dinner last night and our only complaint was that we ate too much of it, because it was so good! The only change I made was using garlic powder instead of roasted garlic in the tapenade as we were short on time.”


Supper Club Tilapia Parmesan

“Wow, this is awesome! I broiled mine. It came out very moist. The cheesy, buttery topping is to die for!”


Shredded Brussels Sprouts With Bacon & Onions

“Fabulous and simple, but tastes sophisticated. Perfect for those who don’t like Brussels sprouts, because the shredding makes the taste milder. For those that like them, it’s a great way to prepare them that’s not just steamed. I make this at least once a week!”


Roasted Broccoli with Lemon Garlic & Toasted Pine Nuts

“A wonderful dish that’s full of flavor. I absolutely loved it! I ended up roasting broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. So delicious and healthy!”

-Jekaterina L.

Cauliflower Popcorn

“Just the idea of being able to eat ‘popcorn’ again, even if it is cauliflower!”

-Rolanda H.

Best Baked Potato

"This is truly a wonderful recipe for baked potatoes. I will never bake potatoes any other way. I also use olive oil rather than canola, I feel it gives it a bit of extra flavor.”


Easy Black Bean Soup

“Delicious! We topped it with shredded cheese, sour cream, cilantro, green onions and crushed tortilla chips. I’ve also added ground meat to make it more of a meal!”


Vegan Lentil Burgers

"This is my go-to when I make burgers at home. Since I’m vegetarian I add an egg to help them stay together, but they stick together pretty well anyway. You can also add a tablespoon of egg replacer with water if you prefer to keep them vegan. They freeze really well and are easy to throw in the pan from frozen on a low heat. They tasted great!”


Vegan Coconut Kefir Banana Muffins

“These mouth-watering muffins made with shredded coconut and banana are just what you need to perk up your taste buds in the morning.”


Sauerkraut Salad

“I make my own sauerkraut and have been making this for years. The recipe I previously had used more sugar and oil, so I like yours much better. I add whatever I have that is fresh in the fridge. Grated carrot, radishes, green onion and more. A great recipe, and so versatile!”


Weight Watchers Berry Crisp

“Good and guilt free, who could ask for more? I used fat-free vanilla yogurt and omitted the almond extract. So good! I’ll be making this again.”


The Easiest Hard Boiled Eggs

“I wanted to make deviled eggs for thanksgiving dinner but I usually don’t have very good success at boiling the eggs. I tried this method, and it worked out great! I did, however, have one problem - there wasn’t enough room on the platter for all the eggs that turned out wonderfully!”

-Ronda K.

Trail Mix

“This is a very healthy and yummy trail mix that I enjoyed snacking on. I used organic sunflower seeds, almonds, raisins and instead of apricots, I used dried organic mango pieces. So good!”


Warm Roasted Vegetable Farro Salad

"This was one of the most flavorful recipes I have ever found online! I will be making this again over the weekend."


Cajun Potato, Shrimp & Avocado Salad

“Really, this deserves five stars! It’s easy to prepare and the spicy flavor tingles in your mouth. We served this alongside a couple of other salads at a family barbecue.”


Baked Mahi Mahi

"Incredible, tender and never dry, every time. Shared this with my parents and it's their favorite mahi mahi recipe. A regular recipe in both of our houses! I typically cut the amount of mayonnaise in half. Otherwise, I don't change a thing because why mess with perfection?”


Broccoli Dal Curry

“Wow, so easy and delicious. It’s double-helping awesome! I served it without rice. It’s so gratifying to find a staple like this. I could make a big batch and eat from it all week long.”


Sheet Pan Chicken & Brussel Sprouts

“I know everyone stays super busy, so here is a quick and easy dinner for you! This is a winner winner chicken dinner that will please even the pickiest eaters! The best part? It’s gluten free!”


Perfect Cauliflower Pizza Crust

“A grain-free alternative to traditional pizza crust that you can pick up with your hands! I had to save this one for my cookbook!”

-Rich Mann

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burrito

"Great vegetarian meal! I love the sweet potato and black bean combo. It's balanced and hearty without being too heavy."


Slow-Cooker Black Eyed Peas

"Delicious. I eat a lot of black-eyed peas and sausage over rice just using canned peas and salsa for spice. These have ruined the canned version for me, especially since it’s so easy.”


Peach Berry Smoothie

“This simple berry peach smoothie bowl will get your day started right! It’s sweet, creamy and full of good for you fruits. Hello, summer in a bowl!”

-Karen K.

Sweet Potato Curry With Spinach & Chickpeas

“This is such a great vegetarian dish, you won't miss the meat at all! The sweet potatoes and chickpeas are so filling, and the tomato sauce is so good.”


Poached Eggs & Avocado Toasts

“This was fantastic! What a great brunch recipe, and so easy to make. I think poached eggs on avocado toast might be my new favorite brunch.”


French Vanilla Almond Granola

"This granola was great! Unlike other granola recipes I found online, this was the only one where I had all the ingredients on hand. I also liked how simple the instructions were, so I gave this one a go.”

-Sugary Spicy

Millet & Quinoa Mediterranean Salad

"This was an easily prepped salad that earned lots of praise at our July 4th picnic. The proportions are perfect with no adjustments needed; even my picky sons liked it!”