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We're Bugging Out Over This Epic Summer Picnic Spread

Picnics are typically ruined when bugs join the party, but Christine McConnell's creepy crawly creations are a welcome addition.

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Summer is finally here, and our favorite baking wizard has filled her vintage picnic basket with a wicked-cool collection of bug-centric recipes to celebrate. You won't find any picnic-ruining pests here, just an army of whimsical critters, brought to life with a little sugar, yeast and a whole lot of kitchen magic.

Cinnamon Bun Snail

Coffee cake + strategically-placed cinnamon buns + cinnamon sugar buttercream = the cutest pastry creature you've ever seen. One that's even more delicious in person.

White Chocolate Grasshopper Pie

Topping a minty grasshopper pie with a full-scale white chocolate grasshopper? Genius. This classic, refreshing pie just got a show-stopping summer makeover.

Cheesy Butterflies

You're guaranteed to draw attention at your summer potluck when these cheese-based butterflies start fluttering across the table. All you need are a few simple tools and a whole LOT of Monterey Jack.

Caterpillar Croissants

The secret to these multi-colored carb critters? Food coloring and a little something called "dead dough," aka pastry devoid of leavening agents. They may be a handful in the kitchen, but they're a welcome addition to this garden party.

Lady Bug Burger Buns

If there's a cuter vehicle for your backyard burgers, we've certainly never seen it. These brioche buns look so much like the real thing that you'll want to take a bite and make a wish.

Arachnid Fruit Salad

Arachnophobia has no place at the picnic table when this luscious fruit salad takes center stage. Break out your best melon baller and go to town recreating this stunner, complete with asparagus stalk legs.

Into the woods we go

Finally, a picnic where all of the bugs were actually invited!