25 Holiday Desserts for Kids

Want to make this season extra-special for your crew? These fun ideas, including gingerbread men and yellow snowmen cookies(!), are sure to elicit oohs, ahhs and plenty of giggles.

Gingerbread House Icing

"This icing is perfect!"


Candy Christmas Train

We don't know any kid that wouldn't be thrilled to jump on board this Santa-themed candy train.

Candy Cane Cookies

"I love this recipe. It's easy enough that the kids can make them by themselves, and they look so festive on the platters."


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

"So easy and so good!"


Gingerbread Christmas Tree

"I love this gingerbread recipe, especially its use of cardamom. It gives the cookies a very special flavor."


Southern Snow Cream

"Making this snow cream is what I used as the incentive for my children to come in out of the snow. This dish is quick, easy and yummy!"

-Treva W

Christmas Sugar Cookies

"These cookies have a very nice flavor, which is something you don't get very often from a regular sugar cookie. I used powdered sugar to roll them out."


Snowman Snowball Cake

Who needs a snowfall to make a charming, Christmas-y snowman? This chocolate-coconut-marshmallow snowman will illuminate any home.

Stuffed Crispy Treat Turkey

This yummy roast turkey looks like the real deal but made out of chocolate rice cereal, it’s a whole lot sweeter.

Frosted Reindeer Cookies

Packaged cookie dough makes these sweet and salty frosted reindeer a breeze to bake. Your little ones will have a blast decorating them with pretzels, chocolate chips and candy.

Belly Buttons

"We make these every Christmas with red and green M&M's. They work best with square, grid-shaped pretzels."


Mini Gingerbread House

"This was a really fun and adorable Christmas project. The directions were great and we enjoyed ourselves for the whole day."

-Lavender Lynn

Chocolate Christmas Mice

"These little babies were a huge hit! I strained and dried the cherries and chilled them with the Hershey Kisses before dipping them into the chocolate."


Strawberry Santas

"I saw these in a magazine years ago, and I finally made them this Christmas. They get a 10 on the cuteness scale! Make sure to use extra-long toothpicks — or you'll have trouble securing them all the way through to the cookie."


Chocolate Eggnog Cannoli

Eggnog lovers rejoice!

Christmas Wreath Cookies

"Excellent recipe and so much fun for the little ones (and the big ones)."

-Biffy 62

Christmas Snowman Cupcakes

Classic cupcakes are transformed into festive holiday goodies when you add marshmallows, chocolate sticks and buttercream icing.

Sparkling Snowflakes

"This is the perfect Christmas cookie. It's pretty, deliciously buttery and very easy to make."

-Dreamer in Ontario

Snowman Pops

These adorable marshmallow snowmen are the perfect holiday craft for kids, and they make fun gifts and clever party treats.

Gingerbread Men

"Wow! This is the only gingerbread recipe you'll ever need. The dough is easy to work with and has a wonderful flavor and texture."


Candy Sleighs

"I made these candy sleighs for our Christmas get-together, and all the kids loved them. After all, you get three treats in one: candy bar, candy cane and gummy bears!"


Cinnamon Star Cookies (Zimtsterne)

"I loved these cookies. They had the perfect amount of spice, plus they are simple to make and came out nice and chewy."

-Chef Dame

Meringue Snowflakes

"These are so pretty. It was easy to whip together, and I didn't worry about the piping not being perfect because they say no two snowflakes look the same, right?"


Sugar Plums

Kids will love making these easy and colorful holiday Jell-O treats — just mix, shape and chill!

(Don't Eat The) Yellow Snowmen Cookies

"Everyone knows you shouldn't eat yellow snow, but kids and grownups alike will get a kick out of making an exception in this case. The lemon cake mix guarantees a shortcut to tangy cookies that look as sweet as they taste."

-Barbara Steele