16 Creative Holiday Centerpieces

Want to impress your guests this holiday season? Spruce things up with these double-duty centerpieces that are both festive and tasty.

Snowman Cheese Balls

"This is great for a winter party. It is relatively easy to make and gives you the chance to be a little creative."

-Chef #1802417212

Orange Cranberry Cinnamon Roll Tree

This festive holiday tree is made out of orange sweet rolls studded with dried cranberries. It’s the perfect centerpiece for all of your holiday get-togethers.

Strawberry Holiday Tree

"I simply love the creative, fun way to celebrate the holiday. I can't wait to make one for my Christmas party."


Snowy Christmas Trees

"These were super tasty. I used dark and white chocolate for a neat color contrast."


Edible Christmas Trees

"This was a hit at my Christmas party. I got so many compliments!"


Christmas Wreaths

"This was so festive, simple and tasty. What more could you ask for?"


Hershey Kiss Christmas Trees

"These are adorable. They would look nice on each Christmas place setting."

-Marie Nixon

Christmas Candles

"These were very easy to do, and they looked great!"


Herb Wreaths

"This handmade wreath is beautifully crafted using fresh herbs. It will enhance your home for the holidays and keep your cooking herbs within reach."


Chocolate Christmas Trees

"Everyone really enjoyed this centerpiece at our Christmas party. It was devoured with joy!"


Gingerbread Houses

"This was very easy to make and delicious. I loved the combination of ginger, cinnamon and cloves."



"I'm really thrilled with the results of this recipe. My puffs turned out perfectly."

-Fairy Nuff

Herb-Crescent Christmas Trees

"This was so easy to put together and so cute. I got a lot of compliments on this recipe."


Pomegranate Seeds in Orange Water

A vase full of these holiday-red pomegranate seeds will make a vibrant addition to any table setting.

Olive Appetizer Tree

"These make a holiday dinner party so special. They are not hard to make, and they really make a nice presentation."


Sparkling Fruit Centerpiece

"This was very pretty and cheery. I found that I liked the look of a coarser, natural sugar because it was sparklier."

-Delicious as it Looks