45 Top Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy breakfast options are hard to find with so many hidden excess grams of carbohydrates, fat and sugar. Scroll along to find guilt-free weekday indulgences that won't break the bank, won't take long to make and might even have the kids smiling! Find even more inspiration with our lower-calorie breakfast recipes and keto breakfast ideas.

Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Pancakes

“A few years ago I followed a recipe for cottage cheese pancakes that used whole wheat flour. I was searching for that when I found this recipe. I don’t even want the other one anymore! While making them, I forgot I was supposed to blend it together, and ended up mixing it in the bowl by hand, which still worked fine. This is my new favorite!”


Asparagus & Egg Whites

“It was perfect and so simple! I used fresh asparagus and double the recipe.”

-I cook-You clean

Spinach Feta Frittata

“Really good, and great for a brunch buffet. I made it exactly as written and I’ll certainly be making this for company in the future.”


Gluten-Free Waffles

“This tasted and looked wonderful. I was really happy with this recipe. I used almond milk and it worked out great.”

-Nina B.

Mango, Ginger & Cardamom Overnight Oats

“A lovely, tropical breakfast. You can replace half of the milk with coconut milk and use coconut yogurt to give it a slightly different flavor!”

-Izy Hossack

Healthy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

“These may be the best muffins I’ve ever made. My daughter loves muffins so I’ve tried several recipes from other places, and we’re always disappointed in the results. Not this time! I didn’t think they were too sweet. In fact, they were just right for us!”

-Realtor by day

Turkish Breakfast

“Wishing you could escape to a faraway destination before your work day? You can with this traditional Turkish breakfast. It’s easy to put together, healthy and perfect for a hot summer morning. This recipe can also be easily scaled to serve a large group.”

-Sibel L.

Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs

“This simple soft-boiled eggs recipe is the best I’ve ever used! Perfect results every time!”


Baked Eggs in Tomato Cups

“I’m having a ‘breakfast for dinner’ dinner party with a guest who is vegetarian. I made these up tonight to see how they were, and they’re wonderful! Definitely using this.”


Low-Carb One Minute Flax Muffin

“Wow! Now I can have a muffin in any flavor I want in just a few minutes. No big batch to tempt me. This recipe seems very versatile. This is a cross between a muffin and a bowl of healthy cereal.”


Breakfast Smoothie

“Cottage cheese in a smoothie? Yep, works for me! I made this exactly as listed and it was a really nice way to start my day!”


Peanut Butter Protein Bars

“I’ll probably never eat another store-bought protein bar again. They turned out super delicious, and I even took some to the gym. All who tried them loved the taste and remarked how filling the bars were compared to store-bought ones.”


Vegetable Quiche Cups

“These were really very good, and very easy! You can tweak them any way you’d like with whatever you’ve got on hand. My brother happened to drop by as these were cooling on a rack. He snatched one, gobbled it down, and came back for another! I quickly hid them. I just ate the last one this morning and will be making another batch soon.”


Overnight Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal

“Although I didn’t have apple cider and substituted water, this turned out great! I added one chopped apple and some pecans last night, then added honey and cream this morning. Wonderful having breakfast ready for you!”


Low-Carb Breakfast Balls

"I really enjoyed these as a low-carb breakfast. Today, I’m adding spinach and garlic powder."


Trail Mix Granola Muffins

“These muffins are dense, moist, flavorful and filling. Also, a great way to use up stale granola sitting in your pantry.”


Triple Berry Smoothie With Yogurt

Nothing like a triple berry smoothie to start your day, wake you up and give you the proper boost. It’s five ingredients, super simple and ready in minutes.

Smoky Hard-Boiled Eggs

“I love the smoky flavor this adds to the eggs. They go great with egg salad sandwiches, breakfast or just snacking!”

-Bonnie G 2

Tomato & Peanut Butter Toast

“Yum, just yum. I was very skeptical but needed a snack to fill me up. This definitely doesn’t need salt. I want to go make more! I put mine on seedy chia bread, which is also yummy. The differences in texture were really interesting.”


Coconut, Raspberry & Lemon Overnight Oats

“Based on a favorite flavor combo from a loaf cake, these overnight oats are so easy to make. I usually use frozen raspberries as they’re cheaper and available year round. They can be quite tart though, so add honey or maple syrup to the oats if needed.”

-Izy Hossack

Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

“These wholesomely delicious pancakes are my very favorite. I’ve been making them for years since finding this recipe.”

-Debs recipes

Banana-Stuffed French Toast

"Personally I really loved this! It was very filling and I liked the cream cheese flavor. It was really rich, and the cinnamon bread twist was delicious!"


Breakfast Burrito

“Delicious! I used jalapeno and chopped red pepper, corn tortillas and garnished with some extra cilantro!”


Broccoli Quiche

“A fabulous weight watchers breakfast, so tasty! I didn’t find mine bland at all. I love this recipe because it can be made hundreds of ways to suit your taste, using whatever you have in the fridge. I also love that you can make it, slice and eat on it all week, or even freeze some for the next week!”


Avocado Smoothie

“Delicious! the avocado gives it a creamy texture - no need for cream or yogurt!”


Peanut Butter Banana Toast

“Mmm, this was a great and simple breakfast! I halved the recipe and only used a light drizzle of honey. It goes perfect with a cup of tea. I can’t believe I’ve never tried this one before.”

-Lucky in Bayview

Baked Honey Granola

“Don’t look any further, this is the best granola recipe ever! I also add a cup of coconut and dried cherries. What a way to zip up a dish of plain yogurt, along with a drizzle of honey on top!”


Welsh Eggs

“As simple as this recipe is, it’s going straight into my ‘best of the best’ file. These eggs are absolutely delicious. I even used vegan cheese and it still turned out amazing.”


Tropical Oatmeal

“I loved this! I did add a tiny bit of milk to it, because it cooked up a little dry. I liked the addition of the banana and coconut extract. I wonder what a little pineapple would do.”

-Chef Mommie

Brown Rice Hot Cereal

“A nutritious, hearty breakfast cereal much less expensive to make at home instead of buying it at the supermarket. I live off this in the cold winter months. It’s really delicious. You can use basmati, jasmine or regular white rice, but brown rice is the healthiest.”


Yogurt Breakfast Pops

“My kids love these. It’s such a treat for them to have these. They’re healthy, too!”


Vegan Quinoa With Blueberries

“Other fresh, frozen or dried fruits can be replaced with blueberries! Don’t have pecans on hand? Substitute almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts. This makes two hearty servings or four small servings.”


Weight Watchers Two-Point Pumpkin Muffins

"I have made these a few times as per the recipe and they were great. Everybody in the house really liked them.”


Whole Wheat Honey Banana Muffins

“Followed the recipe exactly and they turned out great! I was nervous that using all honey might effect the texture and rising capability of the muffin, but it wasn't a problem at all.”


Healthy Apple Yogurt Parfait

“When it comes to presenting, there is nothing like a layered parfait. And this healthy version of the classic with apple sauce, coconut yogurt and lots of other healthy ingredients is an absolute winner!”


Cinnamon Banana Bread With Chia Jam

A delectable banana bread is made even better with healthy, low-sugar chia seed jam.

Tropical Chia Pudding

“Bright orange fruit adds some color to a creamy breakfast treat.”

-Dan Churchill

Sweet Potato Toast With Almond Butter, Chia & Banana

“We love the mixture of almond butter and banana, so this is our favourite sweet potato toast recipe.”


Incredible Oat Bran Muffins

“These muffins are delicious! Made with blueberries and added vanilla extract and cinnamon. Before popping in the oven I sprinkled on unsweetened shredded coconut.”


Healthy Green Smoothie

“Healthy and refreshingly delicious, this is a tasty breakfast drink to start off your day!”


Zero-Flour Oatmeal Muffins

“I tried making this today and they were so good. The crust is crisp but the inside is very soft and moist but not watery.”

-Julie Ann V.

Mango-Coconut Chia Pudding

"I've never had a chia pudding before, and was looking for a recipe since I just bought a large bag of chia seed. This was delicious, and my son was happy to try it since it had familiar fruit and coconut flavors.”

-Random Rachel

Coconut Chia Seed Oatmeal

“Saw this recipe on a United flight magazine and sounds like my kind of breakfast so had to save it here. Prep time does not include overnight refrigeration (so plan ahead). Four cups of water to boil oats not included in ingredients.”

-Bonnie G 2

Buckwheat Breakfast Cereal

"Tip: If you make it with milk it will almost certainly overflow in the microwave, you might want to make it with water and put milk/cream on top instead."


Vegan, Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancakes

"I love these pancakes! Used all buckwheat flour instead in place of quinoa and tapioca flour because I do not have these items. Regardless, they turned out great. This will be a staple for weekend breakfasts at our house.”