33 Christmas Ham Recipes

Tired of turkey after your Thanksgiving celebration? We have lots of delicious ham recipes to share, perfect for spreading holiday cheer. Pair your pork with one of these perfect holiday sides, then check out some creative ideas for leftover ham.

Ham in Coca Cola

"Wow is this good! I had a smoked pork shoulder, 5 1/2 pounds. Gave it 3 hours in the pot with the cola. I can't even say how EASY this is to make. It only takes 10 minutes in the oven, how easy is that? The ham is juicy, tender, and delicious!"


Grilled Ham With Glaze

"Who would think something so simple would produce such a delightful result!! The ham was glazed to perfection, fork tender and tasted just wonderful.The taste of this glaze is a perfect balance for ham. This is definitely a keeper in my book!"

-Susie in Texas

Gingersnap Crusted Ham With Apricot Mustard Sauce

"I'd never thought to use gingersnaps as a crust for ham, but it totally works!! A lovely spicy sweetness is added to the ham and it's not over powering at all. I'm not usually a mustard lover, but again it totally worked with this ham! May have to make it again for Christmas morning!"


Simple Pineapple Sauce for Ham

"I thought it was great and so easy. I made it on the spur of the moment and had everything in the house, including the pineapple in the freezer! I love raisins, and somehow think that raisins go with ham, so I threw in a handful while it was simmering. A winner!"


Crock Pot Ham & Beans

"I make this all the time. My kids love it."


Easy Cheesy Spinach & Ham Quiche Pie

"This recipe is the best recipe I have ever reviewed on this site, and that is saying a lot since I have 63 reviews. I followed it exactly and all I can say was it was awesome. I will now be making this for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well!"


Crock Pot Honey Ham

"Good and easy. I used a pre sliced ham, cut end down."


Baked Ham Glazed With Pineapple and Chipotle Peppers

"Awesome recipe! It was worth hauling out the blender. I like spicy foods so I left in the pepper seeds and consider the heat perfect!"


Glazed Ham

"Easy to make and delicious!! Will definitely make this again! I halved this recipe and baked a small ham in a roaster with the lid on. Moist and the whole family loved it and ate the whole thing up!"


Molasses Glaze for Holiday Ham

"Yum! Was looking for an easy recipe for a Sunday ham and this was both easy and delicious. The molasses gave the ham a beautiful color and presentation was very nice."


Slow-Cooker Holiday Ham

"My Hubby and I both agree, this is this best ham we have ever eaten. I used brown sugar and pineapple. It was great. When we have ham from now on, it will be like this."

-sissy sue

New Orleans Root Beer Glazed Ham

"FANTASTIC!! I don't think I need to say anymore!! My 3 year old and husband were chanting, HAM, HAM, HAM (no joke!) What a zip. This is the best...bar none ham I have EVER had."


Monte's Ham

"OMG! This ham was delicious! I was shopping around for a recipe to use for Easter and decided to test drive this one and WHAT A WINNER! Had some family over and we have all decided this is our Easter ham, Yum-Yum!!!"

-Kat Rahal

Christmas Cherry Ham Glaze

"Amazing! Your recipes never let me down! I warmed up a ham in the crock pot on low for about 1 1/2 hours and basted every 15 minutes or so."


Leftover Ham Casserole

"Loved it!!!! Used leftover spiral sliced ham, loved the sauce!!! The wine, the cheese, the onions...delicious!!!!"


Shazam Ham

"Very convenient, delicious and tender. For an ocassional main dish it is a winner and takes the pressure off the cook while looking like a whiz. The glaze is perfect and the house smells fab while cooking. Shazam we"ll have ham!"


Baked Ham With Bourbon Glaze

"This came out "OVER THE TOP". Now I can do the happy food dance!! THAT WAS SOOO GOOD!"


Fantastic Holiday Ham

"I have been making this EXACT recipe for over 25 years. My SIL gave me the recipe written on an old envelope and it is really torn, tattered, and stained now. I'm so glad to put this in my cookbook......you know that envelope can't last much longer!!"


Ham Casserole

"This is a great recipe. We all enjoyed it & great way to use up leftover ham."


Brown Sugar Honey Baked Ham

"I made this for Easter dinner with my sister and her family. Everyone said it was the best ham they have ever had. I did mine overnight in a large electric roaster. The meat was tender and the brown sugar and honey made the meat succulent."


Charcoal-Grilled Sugared Ham

"Yum! This was really simple and very tasty."


Baked Ham

"This is a delicious way to bake ham, and very simple. This is the way we have always done it in my family, but we use Dijon mustard, and add cherries with the pineapple rings."


Ham With Pineapple Sauce

"Yum! Was looking for an easy recipe for a Sunday ham and this was both easy and delicious. Omitted the pineapple and cherries because I was being lazy, but the molasses gave the ham a beautiful color and presentation was still very nice."


The Best Ham Sandwiches Ever

"This recipe is excellent. I have made it several times. My family loves mozzarella and uncured ham. Feel free to get creative! Make sure to pour a little sauce on the already made bottoms before you add the tops. Amazing every time!"


Baked Ham with Horseradish Glaze

"I did a ham butt with this glaze in the crockpot for Christmas dinner. I cooked the ham on low in the pot for 6 hours, drained the juices off, then poured the glaze over it and cooked it for 2 more hours. It was falling off the bone and tasted divine. My guests said it was the best ham they have ever eaten!"

-Donna M.

Ham Steak With Brown Sugar & Lime Glaze

"I cooked this on my grill pan and while it was messy, it was perfect! ALSO IMPORTANT! ALL 3 OF MY KIDS cleared their plates and wanted more! THAT says a lot!"


Vermont Country Baked Ham

"The last time I made this, my girlfriend advised me not to remove the ham fat after simmering it in the cider. I did it both ways, and it came out great each time."


Balsamic & Dijon-Glazed Ham With Roasted Pearl Onions

"Oh, the compliments! Everyone agreed that although it was different from Honey-Baked, it was every bit as good."


Maple-Glazed Ham Steaks

"This is a great recipe. The glaze with the ham is so yummy."


Tangerine-Glazed Ham With Fresh Sage

"I found this recipe by accident about several years ago and it is now a family tradition for Christmas and Easter. My family can't get enough of it. I would recommend this recipe to anyone. Don't change a thing! It's moist and juicy, I have to hide the leftovers or there won't be any."


Simple Glazed Ham Steaks

"This was perfect for a quick week-night meal. My whole family enjoyed it and I will definitely use this glaze on ham steaks again."


Crock Pot Ham

"Wow, this ham is fantastic! I got a spiral sliced bone-in ham on sale today and used this recipe to make it. This is THE BEST ham that I've ever eaten! I usually stay away from it because it gets too sweet but this is savory and tangy and DELICIOUS!"

-PSU Lioness

Holiday Ham

"Wonderful, tasty, moist ham. The Manischevitz Sweet Concord Grape wine was a surprise ingredient, but it accentuated the ham taste. Our Christmas gathering concluded that the 30 ounces of liquid ensured a moist ham and helped to desalt the ham as well."