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20 Halloween Punch Recipes

These creepy Halloween punch recipes are sure to add a scary element to your All Hallow's Eve drink spread. Whether it's a goblin-green boozy concoction or a blood-red, alcohol-free fizz for the kids, we have you covered with these bone-chilling Halloween punch recipes. Looking for more? Check out our favorite Halloween cocktails and drinks.

Emerald Green Punch

“I made this yesterday for Anthony's Avenger birthday party. It was delicious! We used lime sherbet, but I am sure pineapple would also be great!”


Witch's Bubbly Brewed Punch - Halloween

“This was fabulous, delicious and easy!! Made it for my daughter's Halloween themed birthday party and it was a huge hit! Nothing left in the punch bowl at the end of the party! Thanks!”


Floating Hands Halloween Punch

"I left on the rubber glove. You can't tell the difference and it keeps the drink from becoming diluted.”


Lime Sherbet & 7-Up Punch

"I made this for a Halloween party for teenage girls. I put it into a black cauldron and made the pineapple juice into pieces of ice bones. It was a big hit. It tasted good and the green punch gave it a very witchy feel and look. My only complaint was that the girls were on a sugar high from all the sugar content."


Autumn Glow Punch

"Very tasty and refreshing! Mixed up the mixture in a pitcher and moved everything to an old juice bottle with a lid so everything could mingle. Then I placed crushed ice in a tall glass and used a strainer to pour the liquid into. Very easy to make.”


Hot Apple Pie Punch

"I made this with hard apple cider and vanilla flavored vodka. Really enjoyed it! This recipe is such a keeper!"


Halloween Sparkle Punch

“My favorite Halloween sparkle punch is tasting so very good. You will love it.”


Spiced Pomegranate Punch

“A keeper. I've already had requests to make it again. It's probably best to make sure you like the flavor of the pomegranate juice before you use it the punch."


Apple Pie Rum Punch

This boozy punch is made with apple cider, dark rum and a medley of warm fall spices that will make you feel like you’re drinking a warm slice of apple pie.

Tequila Punch

"This is one tasty cocktail! The fruit juices together make a great combo with the tequila. Goes down real easy, like a fruity punch; climbs quickly to the head but didn't make me do any crazy stuff! Good stuff.”


Boozy Watermelon Pirate Ship Punch

Pirate-themed Halloween parties are a lot of fun, but it can sometimes be hard to find a good drink. This classy watermelon and Prosecco cocktail is a great way to keep the theme at a p-arrr-ty.

Devil's Punch

"I like how tart this drink is! I used vodka instead of tequila and it was delicious. Serve in creepy glasses for Halloween!"


Jiffy Punch

"Fantastic punch or anytime drink! This was so fruity and refreshing!”


Black Halloween Punch

"I made this punch this morning here at my office for our "Boo Breakfast". (I swapped Splenda for sugar for my dietary needs.) It really tastes good for as gross as it looks. It's a sort of brownish color. A co-worker said it looks like swamp water! LOL! I hung gummy worms off the side of the punch bowl and froze two of the wax fangs in a small custard cup so they would be floating in the bowl as well as some plastic spiders and rats in ice cube trays. What a surprise when someone dipped out a gummy worm AND a rat at the same time!! Too much fun. Using this same recipe (and accessories!) tomorrow night for a party, but adding vodka for an "adult" version. ;-) (Pics to follow.) UPDATE: Sharing my pic from my office breakfast. I decided to call it Vampire Blood Punch since I was a "devilish vampire" that morning. ;-)"

-Ima Cookin

Dragon's Blood Punch & Hand Ice Mold

"This was a hit at our Halloween party we went to! I added Vodka and froze an ice ring with plastic vampire teeth in it!”


Wormy Orange Punch

"I made this for my daughter's Halloween Party. They all enjoyed it.”


Ghoulish Punch

"This looked gross, but it was very flavorful."


Green Holiday Punch

"I made this today as a test, and it was really good. I don't like green cherries too much but my mom ate them so it worked out. Yummy.”


Crimson Party Punch

"This is for those with a sweet tooth! I made it with a 64-ounce bottle of juice and 16-ounce bag of strawberries. I served it with coconut rum or vodka on the side for those that wanted something a little stronger."


Caribbean Carrot Punch

“This is a refreshing drink found all over the Caribbean. It can be made into an adult beverage with the addition of a little rum.”