PART OF Halloween

Get Scary With These Ube Bat Cream Puffs For Halloween

Luxe and the Lady takes us behind the scenes of her adorable creations.

Batty Ube Cream Puffs

Make these scary puffs for your not-so-scary Halloween party.

Prepare Your Ube Cream

Whip cold cream and powdered sugar in the mixing bowl to start making your cream filling.

Spice Up Your Filling

Whisk cold milk and vanilla pudding mix together for 2 minutes, then add in the ube flavoring, cinnamon and nutmeg, then stir to combine.

Add in Whipped Cream

Now it's getting good.

Set to Chill...

...while you eat your kid's Halloween candy.

Create Your Bat Bodies

Cut 9, 2 1/2-inch puff pastry circles with the cookie cutter and glue them together with the water and egg mixture. Place them on a lined baking sheet.

Put Them In the Oven

Bake until golden crisp and let them cool for 10 minutes. Then, gently pull them apart to make two halves.

Practice Your Artistic Skills

Draw the wings using a toothpick. Pro tip: You can also draw the design first and place the drawing underneath the wax paper and trace. Then, let it set.

Paint It Gold

Using a toothpick, embellish the wings with the gold dust.

Make A Dessert Sandwich

Ice one side of your puff pastry with the ube filling and place another half on top. Place it in the fridge.

Make It Scary

Frost the top of each puff pastry with the chocolate ganache and add your wings!

Bring Them to Life

Now add the ears, eyes and mouth to each with pink and white icing.

Let Them Fly

Now it's your turn to make these scary critters.