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Make This Eggcellently Lazy Cake

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Gudetama Egg Cake

There is something so real, so charming and so relatable about Gudetama, Sanrio's laziest cartoon. This little egg's total lack of energy gave us just enough to bake a cake in its yolky honor.

our lazy friend

Hi, buddy. We feel you.

First up, make the yolks

To enhance this cake's eggy glory, start with a bright yellow batter for maximum yolk.

Smooth it, smooth it good

Before baking this yellow cake, bid all the lumps and bumps adieu.

Make the yolks

Once the yellow cake has baked, ball up the dough into perfectly par-baked golden orbs.

White Cake for the Win

Next up, mix up your white cake. Layer it into the bottom of a 9x9 baking dish and then top with your yolks before hiding them beneath another layer of batter.

Frost, frost baby

Once your cake has baked (and cooled), cover it with a fluffy buttercream.

Create your Gudetama

Using fondant, mold your lazy friend.

Add to Cake

Since this little egg hates getting out of its shell, it only seems fitting that it's sliding right off the cake.

Add white fondant

Throw a broken shell and a few other fun elements onto the cake for finishing touches.


Each slice will look just like a perfectly poached egg.

bye, friends

See, it's so easy, even Gudetama can do it.