61 Over-the-Top Breakfast Recipes

Need some early morning incentive to avoid hitting the snooze button? From syrup-topped confections to hearty fare with hollandaise, these indulgent recipes boldly go where no breakfast has gone before.

Bacon Waffles

"This recipe is definitely worth a repeat. My husband drenched his waffles in syrup and couldn't stop swooning over them."

-Susie D

Blackberry Peach Cobbler Scones

"Great scones! I made them as directed and loved them. The berry glaze on top is delicious!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Ultimate Pancakes

"This is the best pancake recipe ever. I will never use boxed mix again. In 10 to 15 minutes you have an airy piece of breakfast heaven."


Breakfast Fondue

Nothing makes breakfast more fun than turning mini waffles into dippers for a peachy fondue!

Air Fryer Breakfast Bake

"Loved this recipe. It was very tasty and easy to make. I didn't have a round soufflé dish, so I used a small oval baking dish instead and it worked perfectly!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Meaty Breakfast Balls

"What a nice change from the normal breakfast variety. Hot sausage adds a nice touch of heat and flavor to the balls."


Breakfast Lasagna

Sausage and gravy, layered between soft pasta noodles, make for a great breakfast bake.

Pancakes with Blood Orange Honey

"These pancakes were very good. They were tender, fluffy, light and tasty."

-Baby Kato

Bacon & Egg Lasagna

"This was amazing. It was packed with eggs and bacon, which of course make everything taste better."


Cornmeal-Molasses Pancakes

"This is a great recipe. The pancakes were crisp around the edges from the cornmeal and tender on the inside."

-Queen Roachie

Spicy Hash Browns

"This is just what I'm looking for in the morning. The potatoes have enough spicy flavor to give a tingle without being too overpowering."


Instant Pot Cauliflower Hash Brown Casserole

"Followed the recipe exactly and it turned out so well. It's a great breakfast or brunch side dish to keep up your sleeve!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Avocado Toast “Cinnamon” Rolls

You could be trendy and put fresh avocado on toast... or you could slather your avocado on a warm, cheesy "cinnamon" roll.

Creole Breakfast Stack

"We all loved the spicy kick that this breakfast had. The contrast between the crispy potato and the soft egg was a delight."


Breakfast Banana Split

"This recipe made me a hero among my grandchildren. They all gobbled up their breakfast."

-Happy Harry #2

Tex-Mex Sausage Cups

"I made these for a big family breakfast. Everyone really enjoyed them."


Corned Beef Hash Breakfast Pizza

Bored of the same-old pizza toppings? Try adding an Irish twist, with corned beef, hash browns, cheese and a dash of hot sauce for good measure.

Southern Eggs Benedict

"This recipe made a perfectly elegant brunch for my husband and me. The eggs were rich and delicious."

-PaulaG cooker

Apple-Stuffed French Toast

"This was a very special breakfast. It's unusual to find a recipe that every member of my family likes, but this one was a success."


Belgian Waffles

"It doesn't get any better than this. These are truly the best Belgian waffles I've ever had."


Bacon & Cheese French Toast

"These were so fun to make. The addition of bacon was awesome."


Cheese Board “Cinnamon” Rolls

For your next cocktail party, skip the cheese board and put out a cheese roll board.

Creme Brulee French Toast

"This French toast has a layer of bread, a layer of caramel syrup and a layer of egg custard. It's very rich but very delicious."


California-Style Eggs Benedict

"This was the ultimate Sunday brunch treat for me and my husband. We both absolutely loved this meal."

-French Tart

Twisted Bacon

"This is a great twist to an already delicious breakfast sidekick. I loved the little touch of heat with the sweetness from the sugar."


Cinnamon Roll Waffles

"These really tasted like cinnamon rolls. The waffles were just the way I like: crispy on the outside and tender on the inside."

-Baby Kato

Bacon & Egg Tarts

"This is a convenient way to eat bacon, eggs and toast. The eggs came out exactly how I wanted and firm enough to serve as a finger food."


Potato Baskets with Cheese & Bacon

"These cute little cups really pack a lot of flavor for using only five ingredients."


Baked Egg Ham Cups

"These tasted very good and were very easy to make. We really enjoyed having something a little different for breakfast."

-Delicious as it Looks

Easy Crepes

"This is a great crepe recipe. They are perfect with both sweet and savory fillings."

-May I Have That Recipe

Ham & Cheese Omelet Rolls

"This is a great way to feed everyone at once instead of making one omelet at a time. We all liked the creamy texture from the cheese."

-kelli harris

Copycat Waffle House Waffles

"These waffles were fantastic. Adding malt gave them the extra-special taste they needed."


Cap'n Crunch French Toast

"This is a great recipe for the kids. We kept some of the cereal pieces a little bigger for extra crunch."

-May I Have That Recipe

Blueberry & Almond Crepes

"These crepes taste like my favorite cheese blintzes. It's great to make them ahead and quickly pop them in the oven before a special brunch."


Berry-Stuffed French Toast

"This recipe seems more elaborate than it actually is. I couldn't believe how simple it was to put together."

-Dine & Dish

Breakfast Muffins To-Go

These quick breakfast muffins are perfect to freeze and reheat.

Breakfast Poutine

The fries in this recipe are hash browns!

Sausage & Crescent Breakfast Casserole

"This is a great morning casserole and a very filling one-pot meal."


Blueberry Pancakes

"My family ate two batches of these pancakes because they were so good. We were surprised by how moist and fluffy they were."

-Al Al

Breakfast Shepherd's Pie

"I love the layers of cheese, potatoes and hash. This recipe delicately combines all my favorite breakfast foods into one easy-to-make meal."


Eggs Benedict Wrap

"Why haven't I ever thought of this before? I really enjoyed this wrap."

-Pot Scrubber

Ham Breakfast Casserole

"This is a really nice casserole, and I love that it can be made the night before. It is like a breakfast sandwich you eat with a fork."


Sugar & Spice Bacon

"This bacon tastes like glazed ham. Everyone should have this recipe on file."

-Dienia B.

Lavender Pancakes

"These pancakes were so light and airy. The lavender added a nice touch."


Pepperoni Omelet

"The flavor from the pepperoni is outstanding. It blended beautifully with the cheddar, potato, sweet onion and egg."

-Baby Kato

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits

"We have been raving about this great meal all day. Don't overlook refrigerated biscuits, because the gravy makes this breakfast a winner."


Sourdough Waffles

"I have always enjoyed sourdough, and that drew me to this recipe. The combination of flour tasted outstanding."

-Sydney Mike

Toad in a Hole

"Savory custard, pork sausage and gravy? You can't go wrong. Just make sure you can face the rest of the day in a leisurely manner."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Hash Brown Omelet

"This was a tasty breakfast. I was able to throw the ingredients together and then relax with my coffee while they cooked."

-Beautiful BC

Crumpets with Cheese & Bacon

"What a tasty breakfast. The layers of cheddar and bacon made the crumpets crisp on top and tender in the middle."

-Baby Kato

Breakfast Pigs in Blankets

"What a nice little start to our morning. These were very easy to make and super flavorful."

-weekend cooker

Waffle Iron French Toast

"What a brilliant idea. The recipe itself is just fantastic."


Eggs in a Nest

"These are delicious, easy to make and perfect for any occasion. This recipe is definitely worth five stars."


Bacon Egg & Cheese Tacos

"This was a really tasty and quick recipe. The cooking method was perfect."

-Peter J

Baked Oatmeal

"My kids loved this breakfast. It tasted like a warm oatmeal cookie."


Mexican Breakfast Bake

"I loved this so much, I cried tears of salsa."


Breakfast Burgers

"The butter and parsley went great with the flavor of the egg and the burger. This is a wonderful addition to my favorite recipes."

-Inge 1505

Breakfast Brownies

"These made a tasty breakfast treat. They had a nice chocolatey flavor but weren't overly sweet."


Mom's Homemade Biscuits

"These are the best-tasting biscuits that I have ever tried. They are fragile, sweet and flaky."

-Baby Kato

Banana Bread Muffins

"These muffins are very good. They are light and moist with the perfect amount of sweetness."


Bonus: Pancake Syrup

"Bye-bye, Mrs. Butterworth's! This was so much better than anything store-bought."