Classic & Kicked-Up Thanksgiving Sides

Your same go-to recipes make their appearance on your table every year - why not switch it up this holiday? We've rounded up all the classics and paired them with our best with-a-twist ideas. Whether you kick things up or stay classic, your guests will give thanks for an incredible meal.

Classic: Homemade Biscuits

"These biscuits were really great. They were light, fluffy and browned really nicely."


Twist: Sweet Potato Biscuits

"I made these for Thanksgiving dinner and they were a big success. They were light and had a nice blend of spices."

-Just Cher

Classic: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

"This is our new go-to veggie recipe. It uses simple ingredients and has the most wonderful flavors."


Twist: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Pistachios

"I made this for Thanksgiving dinner and man oh man, was it a winner."


Classic: Cornbread Stuffing

"This was just like my mom's when I was growing up. It was very moist and delicious."


Twist: Tex-Mex Cornbread Salad

"This was so unusual that I just had to try it. It was wonderful, and I would recommend it to everyone."


Classic: Roasted Broccoli

"This recipe is delicious and simple. You know you've got a winner when everyone wants a second helping of broccoli."


Twist: Fried Broccoli

"I'm in love! I I'm going to have to go out tomorrow and buy tons more broccoli so I can make this over and over again."

-Deanna Kyre

Classic: Cranberry Sauce

"This was wonderful. I had no idea it would be so easy to make my own cranberry sauce instead of eating the canned stuff."


Twist: Cranberry & Orange Relish

"I love this recipe. Thanksgiving dinner will never be complete without it again."

-Brandy Champagine

Twist: Apple, Orange & Cranberry Sauce

"So good! I hate cranberry sauce, but I could eat this right out of the pot."


Classic: Turkey Stuffing

"Now that we've tried this stuffing, I don't think my family could enjoy it any other way."

-Just Cher

Twist: Stuffing Balls

There's no need to fight over the corner piece of crispy stuffing when you're serving-up these stuffing balls. They're crunchy on the outside, and perfectly moist in the middle.

Classic: Roasted Butternut Squash

"My family loves this squash. It has a beautifully vibrant color and the spices go so well together."


Twist: Butternut Squash Orzo

"The is the best butternut squash recipe ever. I'll be making it again and again."

-Chef C.S.

Classic: Candied Sweet Potatoes

"This is Southern cooking at its finest. The seasonings and amount of sweetness were both perfect."


Twist: Sweet Potato Souffle

"Although not totally traditional, this definitely passed my comfort food test with flying stars. I make it every Thanksgiving for my family."


Classic: Braised Red Cabbage

"This recipe filled the kitchen with a fabulous aroma, looked great in the serving dish and was a big hit with our family."


Twist: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

"I used this recipe for a potluck dish and everyone loved it. They're absolutely delicious."

-Lisa Hainline

Classic: Oven Roasted Parsnips

"This is a great recipe. It has become a family favorite in our house."


Twist: Parsnips with Gorgonzola

"I love parsnips and this was a wonderful way of showcasing their delicate sweetness. The flavors all went very well together."


Classic: Simple Garlic Mashed Potatoes

"This is a delicious, garlic-infused mashed potato."


Twist: Garlic & Parsley Potatoes

"Simple and fast. Whole family loved them!"

-Diana J.

Twist: Cheese & Chive Mashed Potato Gratin

"I loved the simplicity of this recipe. The mash was very creamy and the chives added a lovely flavor."


Classic: Roasted Cauliflower

"Let's just say, I'm going out to get another head of cauliflower ASAP. This will be in my holiday side dish rotation for years to come."

-Goodlookin' Cookin'

Twist: Cauliflower "Rice"

"I was totally impressed with this recipe. It's a terrific way to get in more veggies without being too obvious for your picky eaters."

-tara portee

Classic: Garlic Bread

"This was delicious. I loved the fresh garlic and parsley."


Twist: Cheesy Garlic Bread

"The garlic spread was so different and tasted phenomenal."


Classic: Baked Sweet Potatoes

"I made these for thanksgiving and they were a huge hit with my entire family and all of our guests."


Twist: Apple-Filled Sweet Potatoes

"These potatoes are delicious. We loved the interesting flavor combination of the apple, orange, spice and sweet potato."


Classic: Green Been Casserole

"This is a great green bean casserole recipe. The homemade cream of mushroom tastes way better than anything from a can. I'm totally making this for thanksgiving."


Twist: Tater Tot Green Bean Casserole

"This is very easy to make and a real family-pleaser."


Classic: No-Fail Gravy

"This gravy is very easy to make and delicious. I always make enough to freeze for all of our leftovers."

-Nikki Kate

Twist: Weight Watchers Onion Gravy

"We all really enjoyed this. The fresh rosemary just makes this dish come alive."