28 Classic & Kicked-Up Summer Sides

Burgers shouldn't be the only thing sizzling at your next cookout. Make the whole meal count with these classic and with-a-twist options of summer's most-popular sides.

Classic: Creamy Potato Salad

"This is a wonderful creamy potato salad worthy of any get-together or summer picnic. I followed the recipe exactly, and I really liked the addition of the celery seed."

-Just Cher

Twist: Hot German Potato Salad

"Six years and a whole lot of bowls of potato salad later, I don't think I've ever served this to anyone who didn't rave. So many people have told me this was the BEST they'd ever tasted!"


Classic: The Best Pasta Salad

"This is so good and so easy! It's great for potlucks! We like it with grilled chicken, feta cheese, red onion and ham, salami or pepperoni."

-Chef Mom 5

Twist: Ranch Picnic Pasta Salad

"I made this for my family's barbecue today, and I can't stop sneaking bites. Good thing it makes so much!"


Classic: Baked Beans

"Wow! These are so easy and so great. I impressed everyone at my barbecue. No one could believe I made them."


Classic: Grilled Potatoes

"My husband made these for the first time this summer, and then I made them a second time for company. Everyone agreed that this is one of the best ways to make potatoes — ever!"


Twist: Apple Baked Beans

"A fabulous recipe! These were devoured at my son's soccer team barbecue. I had never put apples into baked beans before, but now I can't imagine ever making them any other way!"


Twist: Spicy Grilled Potatoes

"These were delicious. I loved the spicy, cheesy crust the potatoes had. I can see myself making these quite often when I grill, and even making them in the oven during winter."

-Linda's Busy Kitchen

Classic: Chicken Salad with Grapes

"This is an amazing recipe! I bought some croissants, slit them in half, and we ate it that way. My family could not get enough. It's great for potlucks, too, if you dare to share."


Twist: Chinese Chicken Salad

"People ask me to bring this to their parties. It's fabulous and easy to make! Instead of sunflower seeds, I use sesame seeds because I always have them."


Classic: Chunky Guacamole

"This is simply delicious! It's super easy to make. The flavor was perfect on chips, but it can also be used on burritos, tacos and enchiladas."


Twist: Asparagus Guacamole

"Excellent! I actually thought this was nicer than standard guacamole. It was light and really delicious."

-Maggie #5

Classic: Mozzarella & Tomato Salad

"Wow! This gets 10 stars from us. We loved this salad. The dressing is to-die-for. If you like caprese salad, you will love this."


Twist: Grape Tomatoes with Bacon

"This is probably the most-delicious tomato dish of my life. The combination of flavors is fantastic. I wish I was a writer to better describe this incredible dish."


Classic: Ruth's Coleslaw

"Delicious! We really enjoyed this quick, easy and yummy coleslaw. My husband doesn't like overly sweet coleslaw, and this one fit the bill!"


Twist: Apple-Carrot Coleslaw

"This is going in permanent rotation! What a wonderful salad. The red onion, mixed with the apple and carrots, gives it a beautiful snap, and the dressing is light and flavorful."

-Stacey in BG!!!

Classic: Macaroni Salad

"This is a perfect no-nonsense macaroni salad recipe. I've made it twice for potlucks. It's just great and very summery."


Twist: Gazpacho Macaroni Salad

"This was so simple to make and really, really refreshing and yummy to eat. I loved the fact that it was so low in fat, but flavorful."


Classic: Homemade Salsa

"This is a fantastic salsa. It's quick and easy to make. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat jarred salsa again."


Twist: Mango Salsa

"The whole family loved this. It would be great over grilled chicken, salmon or tacos. It's very colorful, and it added lots of flavor to my plain, boring fish."

-Linda of Castle Rock

Classic: Fried Okra

"Wow! I've finally found a fried okra recipe where the batter stays on. It was so good and crispy. I used peanut oil and also added some Old Bay."


Twist: Crispy Okra Salad

"This salad was so light and fresh. Blanching the okra kept it lovely and crunchy."


Classic: Southern Cornbread

"This was fabulous. I was born and raised in the South, and this recipe is definitely a winner. It was moist, flavorful and light without being crumbly."


Twist: Sweet Potato Cornbread

"This was outstanding cornbread. The sweet potatoes made it really moist."


Classic: White Bean Salad

"This was wonderful. It had fresh flavors and was very filling. This would be a really nice dish to bring to a barbecue."

-Dr. Jenny

Twist: White Bean Hummus

"This was smooth, creamy, light and delicious. I might try roasting the garlic with the eggplant next time and doubling the recipe."


Bonus: Grilled Stuffed Tomatoes

"This was a wonderful way to use up extra tomatoes. The basil was the crowning touch. It really boosted the flavor."