40 Favorite Chicken Wings

Cooked in the fryer, the oven and even the slow cooker, these top-rated chicken wings will wow your game day party guests or satisfy a simple weeknight craving.

Sweet Thai Chili Wings

"These baked chicken wings are tossed in a tangy sauce made with sweet Thai chili, siracha, ginger, and soy sauce!"

-Barbell Bunny

Oven-Barbecued Chicken Wings

"These are great, fast and easy! I like adding the sauce at the end, it gives it just enough time to thicken up on the wings without burning. I will be making this all the time."


Oven-Crisp Chicken Wings

"These are the best oven wings I have ever made. They're crunchy on the outside and perfect on the inside. Next time I'll pump up the spices and try other flavors."


Baked Hot Wings

"I put this wing recipe together for a great football afternoon, and let me tell you, these are so heavenly."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Air Fryer Buffalo Wings

"This is the only way I'll make wings from now on! And because they're not deep fried in oil, I can feel less guilty about eating so many!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Caramelized Chicken Wings

"Absolutely delicious. I love the sauce and it's full of ingredients I usually have on hand, which is great!"


Hot Dawgie Style Chicken Wings

"WOW! This is one awesome recipe! The dawgie wing sauce is SOOO good! I plan on using this super sauce on many other meats and wraps to spice things up!"


Squid Ink Chicken Wings

Feeling adventurous? These wings are coated in a sauce of miso and Indonesian sambal oelek chili paste, then colored with black squid ink. Perfect for your next party!

Chicken Wings in Honey BBQ Sauce

"I made these for the Super Bowl and everyone raved. I would definitely make these again for guests. Very simple and easy."

-Chef Emstar

Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings

"These wings are delicious and easy to make. They have great subtle flavors that go well together."


Hooters Buffalo Wings

"Nailed it! The breading is awesome. Now if I can only get my wife in some of those orange shorts, I WOULD BE IN HEAVEN!"


Honey Chipotle-Glazed Wings

"I made these and we ate them all right away. I love the combination of sweet and hot and these fit the bill perfectly."


Spicy Chicken Wings

"I have been trying out many chicken wing recipes and finally came up with a recipe that is easy to make, quick to cook and has a nice crunchy coating ... and it tastes so good!"

-William (Uncle Bill) Anatooskin

Buffalo Wings

"Made this recipe for my extended family and they were RAVING! My hubby and I have made these wings several times and love them. I love that you don't have to fry them; it's all sooo easy!"

-Chef Lindsay

Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy Garlic Sauce

"This is amazing — tastes just like the real thing. I added a little extra garlic, pepper and Frank's hot sauce. This is definitely a keeper and there's no need to buy sauce anymore!"

-Vicky D

Caramelized Chicken Wings

"Licked my fingers once, licked my fingers twice and then snatched one away from the husband! We both really enjoyed these sweet and sticky little wings."


Spicy Asian Wings

"These wings are very good. They'e not very spicy and have really nice flavor."


Garlic-Lime Chicken Wings

"These wings are loaded with flavor from the marinade and the chipotle mayo just puts them over the top. You must try this easy recipe!"


Apple BBQ Chicken Wings

"The seasoning rub and the sauce on these wings are fantastic. The wings have really great flavor."

-Chef 52Jimh

Hoisin-Honey Wings

"Outstanding flavor! This recipe took less then five minutes to prepare and I had all the ingredients at home."

-Chef floWer

Firecracker Wings

"The best wings I have ever had!"


Crunchy Devilish Wings

"I just loved these wings! They are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, plus they are easy to prepare."


Chicken Wings With BBQ Sauce for the Slow Cooker

"This is a great recipe that makes the cook look like a pro!”


Simple Boil & Bake Crispy Chicken Wings

"Some of the best chicken wings I've ever had. Never boiled and broiled before, but it makes for the most tender wings ever! So much better than frying!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Fantastic Hot n' Spicy Wings

“Great recipe — made first time as per recipe and tasted great.”


Grilled Chicken Wings

"Wow! I made these wings for my husband and myself tonight and they were fabulous.”


Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

"We loved this! The only thing I'd do differently is decrease the amount of butter to 1/4 cup. Even with 25 wings, 1/2 cup was just way too much."

-for the love of veg

Original N.Y. Buffalo Wings

“The preparation was simple and the product yummy. This will be our go-to recipe. Seriously enjoyed these wings.”


Hot & Cool Teriyaki Wings

“I made these for Super Bowl (in addition to Buffalo wings). Terrific! Will make again!”


Baked Honey-Lime Chicken Wings

"Yummy! I didn't have coriander on hand, so I used parsley instead. I also added some olive oil so the drumsticks would brown. The lime is a refreshing bright taste, a nice change from the heavy breaded chicken.”

-Barbs Miller

Slow-Cooker Chicken Wings

"This was a pretty good recipe, but as it was still fairly ‘juicy’ at the end of the cooking time, I put the entire potful into a shallow casserole dish, popped it into the oven for about half an hour, and it was great — sticky wings!"


Cambodian-Inspired Wings

“Love the flavor of these wings. They were enjoyed by all.”


Alton Brown's Buffalo Wings

"These really are delicious — moist and crispy!"


Taco Chicken Wings

"My husband and I loved these. Who would have thought of doing taco wings? Not me! Glad someone did though; these were great. Very easy but delicious. The skin was nice and crispy with great flavor. These are definitely going into the keeper file.”

-Shelby Jo

Sweet Soy-Glazed Chicken Wings

"Yummy wings! I like the buffalo wings, as long as they aren't too spicy, but I really love wings like this recipe — so good!!


Aloha Chicken Wings

"These were super easy to make and disappeared fast.”

-Terriyaki 2

Crispy Breaded & Baked Chicken Wings

“Perfectly crispy without all the extra calories. Have made these for more than two years and they are great every time.”


Sticky Soy Wings

"These were good. I made them for our game day party. My family and friends liked them very much. But, when they say sticky, they mean sticky!”


Spicy Chocolate Wings

This recipe originally comes from Rachael Ray and is her take on a classic Mexican mole sauce but with wings instead of shredded chicken.

Caesar Chicken Wings

“Great taste, and the wings were tender and delicious. I would add this caveat: do not add salt. The Caesar salad dressing plus the cheese adds enough salt.”