33 Ways to Fondue-It-Up

Want to entertain a crowd the right way? Options, lots of options. From basic cheese fondue to seasonal pumpkin spice, we've got all the dip ideas you could ever need.

Swiss Cheese Fondue

"What’s there not to love? Bread and cheese. I could sit and eat all day!”

-Andi Longmeadow Farm

Pizza Fondue

"We decided to have a fondue night, so I made a half recipe and served it with cheese-filled tortellini and toasted garlic bread. I added some diced pepperoni to up the pizza flavor. It was excellent, and my son just loved it!”

-mums the word

Pumpkin Cheese Fondue

“A very nice and delicious idea! I loved dipping the apples, shrimp and pears into the cheese. The presentation of serving it in a pumpkin is wonderful.”

-Chef Schluff

Red Lobster Ultimate Fondue

“This is a great recipe for parties or gatherings! I toasted the bread bowl before pouring in the fondue to make it sturdier. I served it with vegetables and cooked shrimp for dipping!”

-Jonathan Melendez

Breakfast Fondue

“Don’t let your slumber party slumber through breakfast. Wake up those sleepy palates with a breakfast fondue. Easy and nourishing, the simple fruit sauce can be whipped up in minutes, and you will be wow’ed at how much kids will eat of this dip once they start dunking.”


Dark Chocolate Fondue Bar

“Cool down with a sweet treat.”

-Smuckersreg Toppings

Lighter Chocolate Fondue

"This definitely tasted decadent and sinful. It was great knowing that it was lighter in fat! It was rich and oh-so-chocolatey! It was lovely, thick and set up firm in the fridge.”


Vegan Cheese Fondue

“This recipe is ideal for any get together. Bear it in mind for your New Year's Eve party! It’s easy to make and so healthy — just in time for those resolutions!”


Halloween Cheddar Fondue

“A lovely fondue with surprising flavors. Give yourself and your guests a treat.”


Three Cheese Fondue

A delicious dip for a crowd. Hands-on and extremely cheesy!

Cheddar Cheese Fondue

“I tried this with a milk base. It was delicious! I’ll try it with beer and broth later.”


Ghirardelli Ultimate Fondue

“Dip in strawberries, oranges, grapes, melon, banana slices, kiwi fruit, fresh pineapple chunks, pieces of cake, cookies and more!”


Italian Cheese Fondue

“Fondue made with two cheeses: mozzarella and gorgonzola, mixed with wine and herbs and served with your favorite dippers.”


Chocolate Mallow Fondue

“This was stellar. My kids made this with a little help from my husband. We would love to try it with fresh fruit like strawberries! We used apples and Nilla wafers.”


Godiva Chocolate Fondue

“This delicious chocolate fondue was a bit of an investment, but you pay for the really good things in life! We served it with chunks of spongecake, bananas and strawberries. My family adores me!”


Creamy Cheddar Fondue

“This was foolproof! It turned out delicious and creamy. I used onion powder instead of diced onion. We dipped smoked sausages, vegges and bread in it.”


Hillshire Farm Autumn Country Fondue

“For weekend family fun when the weather turns cool, there’s nothing like gathering around the table for some fondue dipping.”

-Crafty Lady 13

Gustav's Fondue

This is the best form of entertainment! A hands-on experience of everyone dipping their favorite things in a gooey, cheesy sauce.

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Fondue

“Easy to make and perfect for dipping fruits and pound cake.”

-Wish I Could Cook

Horst Mager's Cheese Fondue

“This is the most amazing cheese fondue I’ve ever tasted. It has been at every Christmas Eve tradition ever since I can remember. If you’re wanting a fabulous cheese fondue, you’ve found it!”


Butterscotch-Peanut Butter Fondue Dip

“This dip is served warm and is similar to a fondue. Perfect for an appetizer or for dessert. I’ve yet to meet a single person who didn’t like this dip.”

-Big Sexys Recipes

Garlic-Spinach Cheese Fondue

“This had great flavor and was simple to make. I think this is closer to four servings. We dipped mushrooms, broccoli and zucchini sticks in it.”

-Aunt Cookie

St. Patrick's Day Fondue

“What a delicious fondue! It turned out great, and even my picky daughter loved it.”

-Gwen Stylez

S'mores Fondue

"I made this to have as a snack during the football games yesterday. It was enjoyed by all. A very fun fondue! I’ll be using this at our Christmas get-together.”


Tomato-Cheese Fondue

“This fondue is like no other recipe I’ve seen. My mom has made it since I was a kid and we love it. Only four easy ingredients!”


Toasted Sesame Fondue Sauce

“I serve this with multiple sauces for fondue and it’s always everyone’s favorite. I let it sit overnight in the fridge to blend together.”


French Toast Fondue

"What a lovely treat! I really enjoyed this recipe. It was very easy to make. We loved the dipping sauce, it blended beautifully with the maple syrup. It was light, tender and fluffy.”

-Baby Kato

Mushroom Fondue Sauce

“A very yummy fondue and very easy to do. I used beef broth and fat-free sour cream.”


New Potatoes With Three-Cheese Fondue

“This was delicious! I followed the recipe exactly and served it at a get together. It was devoured! I could eat this everyday — it’s that good.”


beef fondue with dipping sauces

“This is our traditional New Year's Eve dish that I’ve been making for years. I serve it with salsa, mango chutney, cornichons and boiled new potatoes.”


Shrimp Fondue

“I loved this dish from Ruby’s. My husband likes this version more than the original!”


Colby or Monteray Jack Fondue

"Yum — a delicious fondue! This variation turned Colby into a fabulous fondue cheese. It came out creamy and wonderful for dipping. I served it with vegetables, apple and smoked sausage.”


Fingerling Potatoes & Goat Cheese Fondue

"This is the easiest cheese fondue I've ever made! Simple and satisfying. The herbs really make this dish.”

-Chef Jean