32 International World Cup Favorites

Celebrate the nations playing in this year's FIFA World Cup with these trophy-worthy dishes.

Peru: Mixed Ceviche

A unique version of a popular dish, Peruvian ceviche includes sweet potatoes and lots of citrus.

Germany: Spaetzle

A German equivalent of pasta, these little wheat noodles are delightful with any meal.

Saudi Arabia: Al Kabsa

Often made with chicken or lamb, this stew is well known for its unique spice mixture.

Spain: Tortilla Espanola

Layers of potatoes, onions and egg make for an easy and epic addition to a Spanish tapas spread.

Russia: Blini with Smoked Salmon

The best things come in small packages, right? These mini pancakes are proof, typically served with caviar in the World Cup's host country, Russia.

Morocco: Chicken, Chickpea & Apricot Tagine

Tagines are a common cooking method in the north African country, and this stew is a great way to make it happen at home.

Iran: Halim

This sweet and savory porridge is a favorite in Iranian cuisine.

France: Croissants

Known for beautiful baked goods, a visit to France isn’t complete without a flaky croissant.

Denmark: Onion & Herring Smorrebrod

Open-faced sandwiches made with fish are a staple in Denmark.

Argentina: Chimichurri

Just when you thought steaks couldn't get any better, Argentinians serve their meat with this herby sauce.

Senegal: Chicken Yassa

Spicy chicken and lemony caramelized onions make for an irresistible Senegalese favorite.

Mexico: Esquites

Cilantro, jalapeno and cotija cheese give this corn salad its Mexican flare.

Iceland: Cocoa Soup

Hot chocolate with the volume turned up. A common dessert in Iceland gets a boost in flavor from a sprinkle of salt and cinnamon. It's the perfect way to warm up on a cold day.

Croatia: Apple Pie

Sweet and lightly spiced apples topped with a crumbly crust make this pie the perfect Croatian dessert.

England: Fish & Chips With Yorkshire Beer Batter

All you need now is a pint, and you'll feel like you're watching the match at a pub across the pond.

Colombia: Ajiaco Bogotano

This chicken and potato soup is made with ingredients abundant in Colombia.

Nigeria: Jollof Rice

Tomatoes and warm spices contribute to the deep flavor of this simple yet complex one-pot dish.

Brazil: Pao de Queijo

Similar to cheese puffs, these savory bites are filled with parmesan and are eaten often in Brazil.

Poland: Pierogies

Little pockets filled with cheese and potato, pierogies transport you straight to Poland.

Portugal: Caldo Verde

Greens and chourico make this hearty Portuguese soup perfect for any celebration.

Costa Rica: Gallo Pinto

Rice and beans are a breakfast staple in this tropical country.

Tunisia: Lablabi

A soup made with chickpeas in a garlicky broth, this recipe is typically eaten for breakfast.

Sweden: Pyttipanna

Typically served with pickled beetroot in Sweden, this leftover hash makes for a great breakfast dish.

Switzerland: Kaesefondue

Well known for its cheese, Switzerland is the best place to enjoy a bubbly meal of cheese fondue.

Korea Republic: Kim Bap

The popular picnic recipe in Korea features fragrant sesame oil to give the dish a unique flavor.

Uruguay: Chaja Cake

Layers of dulce de leche, vanilla cake and meringue make this dessert the ultimate Uruguayan sweet treat.

Belgium: Belgian Waffles

World renowned sweet and fluffy delights bring Belgium to your breakfast plate.

Serbia: Proja

A national dish of Serbia, this recipe for corn muffins is tasty any time of day.

Japan: Miso Ramen Soup

Succulent pork and a savory broth make ramen a go-to across Japan.

Panama: Hojaldre

Fried dough is a staple on Panamanian breakfast tables.

Egypt: Koshari

A classic comfort food in Egypt, Koshari combines pantry ingredients to create this hearty dish.

Australia: Lamingtons

Looking for a sweet treat to mix up your snacking routine? Try these squares of vanilla sponge cake coated in chocolate and coconut famous down under.