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33 Ideas for Choosing the Perfect Father's Day Menu

These Father's Day menus are sure to impress dad on his special day. From traditional barbecue favorites and spicy options to elegant classic French cuisine and health-conscious menus, you're sure to find the perfect dinner for that special man in your life. Then, check out some great cake recipes for dessert!

Old-Fashioned Supper Club

Up in the Midwest, the classic steakhouse experience is had at a Supper Club, and Wisconsin is home to the most emblematic supper club fare. Start with a creamy beer cheese soup before feasting on a prime rib. Finish with a slice of cherry pie sure to remind you of Door County.

Classic French

If dad is an old-school gourmand, he’ll be sure to appreciate this meal featuring classic French fare. Treat dad to a Kir Royale apéritif followed by a traditional coq au vin. Finish with a velvety crème brûlée.

Hearty Italian Supper

There’s something about Italian-American home cooking that just stimulates one’s appetite. With a hearty menu like this, the whole family will have something to be excited over. Creamy fried rice balls, an ooey-gooey lasagna and crisp Italian-style donuts make for a meal that even the pickiest dad will swoon over.

Shrimp Boil

We all know a dad who loves to indulge in seafood. Give him a treat this Father’s Day with a boldly spiced shrimp boil accompanied by our copycat recipe for Red Lobster’s famous Cheddar Bay biscuits. Wash it down with refreshing lemon shandies.

Steakhouse Dinner

Few things convey the feeling of a special occasion better than a steakhouse dinner. A perfectly grilled porterhouse with compound butter, twice baked potato and luscious creamed spinach keep things simple but elegant for dad.

Tasty Tex-Mex

The rich and zesty flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine can be irresistible to many, and we’re sure some dads gravitate towards any mention of a tortilla. This menu features Texas-style queso and rich, porky carnitas. Finish with crunchy/chewy churros and add some dipping sauces to the table for the full experience.

Paella Party

A paella — a Spanish dish of seafood cooked in rice — is one of the world’s most iconic celebratory dishes and a sure hit when there are seafood lovers in the house. This traditional recipe is fantastic with a cold glass of sangria and a refreshing bowl of gazpacho, a cold Spanish tomato soup.

Country Cookout

Simple and homey often make the most satisfying combination, as with this country-style dinner. Boozy BBQ ribs anchor a meal costarring moist, fluffy corn muffins and super flavorful baked beans.

Fit Dad Dinner

If dad’s body is his temple, indulging him with food can be a tricky proposition. We have you covered, though, with this low-carb and keto-friendly menu. A rich, intensely flavorful meatloaf is the star attraction, although dad may be shoveling extra helpings of cauliflower mac n’ cheese. The spicy chocolate fat bombs are a great way for dad to maintain his fitness regimen.

Better Than Takeout

If dad’s a huge fan of Chinese-American takeout, try making this menu for him instead, featuring some classics. Start with a potent Mai Tai cocktail while nibbling on some crispy crab rangoon. Then bring on the showstopper: a sweet and spicy General Tso’s Chicken.

Plant-Based Feast

Not all dads are the meat and potatoes kind, and we love that! Treat dad to an unforgettable plant-based feast this Father’s Day that will also charm even the most ardent carnivores. Start with an almond “cheese” that tastes just like feta before indulging in a decadent “chicken” pot pie. The grand finale is a tropical pie that is as easy to make as it is addictively delicious.