19 Essential Gingerbread Recipes

There is nothing quite like gingerbread to usher in the holiday season, but who ever said this enchanting flavor was for cookies alone?

Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

"Excellent! The flavors went together perfectly."

-Lucky in Bayview

Gingerbread Cupcakes

"I'd make these again. They are great with brown sugar icing."


Gingerbread Pancakes

"Outstanding! If you are looking for incredibly soft and fluffy pancakes these should be your No. 1 choice."

-LUv 2 BaKE

Gingerbread Biscotti

"What a delicious biscotti! I was already missing the tastes of Christmas, so I thought I would make a batch of these. Perfection."


Gingerbread Coffee

"Delicious! Having the molasses mixture ready to go in the fridge made making this quick and easy. It's sweet with a nice balance of spices."


Spicy Gingerbread Cake

"The best! Not just the best gingerbread, but quite possibly the best cake ever."


Gingerbread Smoothie

"Not too sweet and just the right amount of spice. I'll be making this again. "

-Lucky in Bayview

Apple Gingerbread Bread Pudding

"Very good bread pudding! I ate half of this myself with no regrets."


Gingerbread Cake

"Oh, this was so wonderful. I am not much of a sweets person but good homemade gingerbread is something that I really like."


Gingerbread Truffles

"A great Christmas treat. I love this idea!"


Gingerbread Cookies

"I have made these cookies for the past two years, and everyone loves them."

-gayle gerber

Gingerbread Pudding Cake

"I made this for a special dessert-themed Christmas Eve; it was AMAZING! One of the best desserts I've had."


Gingerbread Ravioli

"This gingerbread is out of this world. It is definitely my new favorite recipe."


Gingerbread Drop Cookies

"Wonderful and a great solution to avoid rolling out the dough like you would traditionally do."


Gingerbread Muffins

"These are delicious — crumbly with a nice, but not overpowering, molasses flavor."


Gingerbread Waffles

"Great recipe. I've tried quite a few gingerbread waffles but this is by far the best."


Gingerbread Scones

"The scones were delicious and just right for a cold morning with coffee."


Gingerbread Bread

"My home smelled just like a Bavarian bakery while making this — it's been tempting me all afternoon!"


Gingerbread Caramel Corn

"This would make great a Christmas gift. It's so yummy!"

-Recipe Book Worm