Emmy Night: 12 TV-Inspired Recipes

All those hours you spent binge watching TV are finally paying off. It's Emmy time (Aug. 25), and Food.com has your menu covered with recipes inspired by this year's nominees.

Best Drama: Breaking Bad Oven-Fried Bacon

The epic final season of this drama opened with Walter White celebrating his birthday by re-creating his wife's tradition of spelling out his age in bacon. Pay homage to Heisenberg by playing with these easy oven-fried strips.

Best Comedy: The Big Bang Theory Chicken Satay with Peanut-Coconut Sauce

The gang on this nerd-approved comedy starts the week right by ordering Thai on Mondays. Try a version of one of Sheldon's favorite dishes with this take on chicken satay with peanut sauce.


Best Drama: Downton Abbey English Sponge Cake for Teatime

Even the Dowager Countess would approve of this proper English sponge cake, also known as a Victoria sandwich. Make tea time count and be sure to thank your lady's maid (or valet).

Best Drama: Game of Thrones Dragon's Breath Wings

Winter may be coming to the residents of Westeros, but these aptly named wings are so filled with fire they'll make you feel like the mother of dragons.

Best Drama: House of Cards Baby Back Ribs

These classic Southern-style baby back ribs may not be from Freddy's — Frank Underwood's favorite D.C. rib joint — but they'll ease the pain of any back door political scheming.

Best Comedy: Louie Pickled Herring

When Louie really likes a girl, he takes her to New York's Russ & Daughters to try some herring. Pretend you're on the Lower East Side with this pickled version of Louie's favorite fish.

Best Drama: Mad Men Whiskey Old Fashioned

For years we've watched Don Draper be both the best and worst versions of himself — we deserve a drink. Enjoy his signature cocktail and take solace knowing that if the mid-season finale is any clue, there may still be hope for our favorite ad man.

Best Comedy: Modern Family California-Style Shrimp & Potato Tacos

In Season 5, family patriarch Jay (hilariously) fails to get everyone together at a fancy restaurant, but he succeeds in eventually getting them to a local taco truck. Bring your modern family together California style with these sunny shrimp-and-potato tacos.

Best Comedy: Orange Is the New Black Chicken Kiev

When new-inmate Piper tells a tale of a mythic chicken in the prison yard, kitchen cook Red dreams of making "a nice chicken Kiev." Whip a far better, non-prison food version with this easy recipe for the classic Russian dish.

Best Comedy: Silicon Valley Copycat Burger King Whopper

In this wacky show about tech startups, investor Peter Gregory's genius is revealed after Burger King's menu gives him an investment idea. See if you get a $70 million idea while enjoying this copycat of BK's Whopper.

Best Drama: True Detective Spaghetti with Green Basil Sauce

The evocative description of this drama's villain as a "green-eared spaghetti monster" haunts anyone who watches. Pay heed to the Yellow King with this actual green spaghetti, which is a lot more appetizing than anything that happens on this show.

Best Comedy: Veep Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

When the Veep wants to "connect" with some "real" people, she visits a frozen yogurt shop with disastrous (and funny) results. There will be no disasters with this strawberry frozen yogurt — just five ingredients and the race is won.