46 Breakfast Recipes with No Eggs

An eggless breakfast doesn't have to mean a boring start to the day.

Mango, Ginger, Cardamom Overnight Oats

"A lovely, tropical breakfast. You can replace half of the milk with coconut milk and use coconut yogurt to give it a slightly different flavor!"

-Izy Hossack

Peanut Butter Protein Bars

"Love, love, love these! What a great recipe. The perfect mid-afternoon snack with a glass of water."


Breakfast Banana Split

"A yummy, healthy banana split. I had this over a waffle minus the jam, plus a little caramel sauce, and that was really good on it too."


Bacon Hash Brown Casserole

"Oh my goodness, this casserole was WAY too good. We had it for brunch and everyone loved the creamy, bacony, potato deliciousness!"



"This is the best recipe for patacones I've ever seen. This is EXACTLY how I grew up seeing it made and how I learned to make it myself!"


Broiled Cheese Toast

"Just polished this off for breakfast and it was thumbs up all round."


Fruity Pebbles Parfait

"This was really fun. Great way to put a healthier spin on a sugary cereal. My kids loved it!"


Pasteles De Guayaba

"Delicious! I had some leftover guava pasta, and this was the perfect recipe to use it up."


Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

“I often add raisins and/or pineapple to these oats for an even more carrot cake-y flavor. I also sometimes replace the walnuts with shredded coconut or pecans!”

-Izy Hossack

Brie & Bacon Sandwiches

"Had one of these yesterday and woke up craving another one this morning."

-Justin B.

Breakfast Cereal Popsicles

"My kids loved these!"


Peruvian Home Fries

"I love home fries, so I knew these would hit the spot. The chilis and peanuts lend something different and very nice to the recipe."


Vegan Waffles

"I made these this morning, and they turned out very nice!"

-Barb S.

Apple Pie Smoothie

"I loved it. Taste like Apple pie and so refreshing."


Stuffed French Breakfast Panini

"How easy, simple and delicious. A very nice start to the day."

-weekend cooker

Milk & Cereal Smoothies

You can't eat cereal while driving, but you can drink it!

Banana Pancake Sandwich

"One of my favorite trail lunches when camping!"


Coconut, Raspberry & Lemon Overnight Oats

"Based on a favorite flavor combo from a loaf cake, these overnight oats are so easy to make. I usually use frozen raspberries as they are cheaper and available year round. They can be quite tart though so add honey/maple syrup to the oats if needed."

-Izy Hossack

Toasted Peach Sandwich

"Love the fresh fruit and experimenting with different herb combinations!"


Breakfast Smoothie

"Great smoothie! I wouldn't have known that there was cottage cheese in the smoothie except for the fact that I made it!"


Coconut & Chia-Seed Pudding

Who knew breakfast could be this easy? It literally makes itself!

Avocado Toast With Za'atar

A refreshing take on avocado toast.

Egg-Free Pancakes

"WOW! I'm so shocked! Who needs eggs!? I didn't have any eggs in the house and the kids wanted pancakes. These are fluffy and delicious and super easy, what a great recipe."

-Cheeseburger in Par

Broccoli & Cheese Breakfast Melts

"Nice change for breakfast."


Honey & Cheese Sandwich

"I made this for breakfast this morning, and I really liked it. It was an easy and different recipe."


Sausage Biscuits

"These were very quick and easy to throw together and bake. They turned out light and tasty and were perfect for breakfast on the go."

-Crafty Lady 13

Scrambled Tofu

"I love this recipe! I made it with the suggested onion and mushroom and served it with toast. Yummy, I think that it tastes better than eggs."

-Shannon Holmes

Quick Salmon Breakfast Roll

Make a Japanese breakfast roll in half the time with this recipe hack.

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits

"Once I found this recipe, I've never searched for another! Do not hesitate to try this recipe; it is fantastic."

-Kelly Cameron

Gourmet Spam Mcmuffin

"Not knowing what Spam was supposed to taste like I had no expectations. I didn't read the label of ingredients because I thought it might scare me. However, this was GOOD!"

-mary winecoff

The Best Tofu Scramble

"I've made this a couple of times, and it's really yummy. You can play around with the spices, and it will turn out great."


Brown Sugar Bacon

"Extra special breakfast with this yummy bacon!"


Mocha Latte Smoothie

"Wow! I made this for breakfast today and really enjoyed."


Vegan Breakfast Sausage

"Turned out GREAT! I can’t believe how much like real breakfast sausage it tasted!"

-Jenna H.

Vegan French Toast With Coconut Milk & Banana

"Very sweet and delectable French toast, we enjoyed it very much."

Pineapple Upside Down Biscuits

"Oh boy. As if my addiction to regular pineapple upside down cake weren't enough, now I'm hooked on these!"


Socca Pancakes

"Excellent and easy. Preheating the skillet and letting the batter sit for 30 minutes are key points in this recipe!"


Cheesy Home Fries With Spinach & Peppers

"Great Recipe! Simple and quick to make, not too heavy and delicious, Try it!"


Masala Dosa with Coconut Chutney

"I loved it!"

-Fouzia Parkar

English Muffins With Bacon Butter

"This was made as a light breakfast for my family and me, we all thoroughly enjoyed it."


Cucumber Cream Cheese Bagel

"Very satisfying snack!"

-Busy Lindsay

Roti Canai

"Yup, that's the real thing!"


Fruit Cups

"I love the ease of these. I made a bunch of these up yesterday. My son took one to school today, they taste great and yet so simple. I will be trying other variations."

-children from A to Z

Healthy Breakfast Cereal

"Absolutely loved it! Low fat and low in sugar!"


Smoked Salmon & Herb Butter

"Wow, is this great. I love smoked salmon and this easy to make treat does not disappoint."

-Baby Kato

Easy White Bread

The perfect base for any breakfast toast!