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21 Easy Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas & Recipes

Make Dad's big day special with a gift that he'll love: an epic breakfast or brunch! From bacon-studded waffles to breakfast burritos and homemade bagels, there's something here for every father.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Compote

"These pancakes were light and fluffy with a hint of lemon in the background. I'm a lemon lover, so these pancakes hit the spot. These are definitely a go-to for a special occasion breakfast."


Egg & Avocado Wraps

"These are great—very flavorful! I subbed in corn tortillas to make it gluten free. Very quick prep, too."


Blueberry Coffee Cake

"Wow, this is so good! I love everything about it, the topping is perfect and browned up just the right amount. Can't wait to make this again and share with family and friends!"


Homemade New York Bagels

"This recipe is amazing. I've never made bagels before, but I've done this twice now and my bagels are just delicious! They're still soft and chewy the next day."


Grilled Breakfast Sandwiches

"This was such a simple concept, you would have thought I would have thought of it before! This will definitely be a frequent breakfast at our house!"

-Princess O

Denver Omelette

"I love this simple recipe as a base for so many different omelettes. One of my favorites is using sharp cheese and bacon. Adds a ton of flavor. Sauteed mushroom and onions is delicious as well."


Bacon Waffles

"I have made several times. I mix some bacon in the batter and sprinkle more on top in the waffle iron. And, of course, I top them with fried eggs."

-Terriyaki 2

Basic Sourdough Bread

"This is a wonderful recipe. I'd give it six stars if I could. I am a novice at sourdough, and I did the dough in my bread machine then baked it in the oven (OK... I am lazy). It was terrific, very moist, crusty and deliciously sour."

-Jan Marie

Mango, Pineapple, & Kiwi Salad

"I would give this recipe more that 5 stars, if allowed. It is the most amazing combination of flavors. It's sweet and tart, then you get an after kick of hot pepper, garlic, or cilantro. The lime juice is the perfect ingredient to bring all the flavors together."

-Miss Annie

Avocado & Bacon Muffins

"Mmmmmm, these are excellent. Lovely and light, very tasty and healthy. For me the avocado flavor really came through."



"These icy treats are made even better by the tropical fruit typically used. However, if you're access to ripe tropical fruit is limited, feel free to riff on this Colombian classic."

-Hannah Petertil

Blueberry Brown Sugar Pancakes

"I always think of New Hampshire when I have blueberry pancakes! There's nothing better than berries right off the bush and into the batter! These are delicious!"


Breakfast Burrito

A healthy breakfast option, filled with proteins and lots of veggies.

Watermelon Basket Fruit Salad

"I used the smaller half of the watermelon shell for a salsa bowl. Why not? This was really fun and I strongly encourage any one who tries it to use the pumpkin carving equipment."

-Animal Azar

Mile-High Biscuits

"I've never made homemade biscuits before except out of a can. These were so light and fluffy, they just melted in your mouth! When word of this gets around, the doughboy just might be out of a job!"


Zucchini Bread

"I cannot believe that this is so easy to make. Talk about maximum flavor for minimum effort. A delicious moist bread."


Overnight Oatmeal

"This recipe is super easy to make and pretty darn tasty. I brought it with me on a camping trip in the cooler, and my buddies couldn't get enough of it in the morning!"


Peach Scones

"Wow are these good, and so easy to make. Perfect when you want an afternoon snack, and just enough for one or two people. I used dried cherries and cranberries and added some lemon zest as well."


Raspberry Jam

"The BEST jam I have ever made, and I have been making jam for 30 years. Looking forward to using this wonderful, very berry tasting jam on ice cream. We also made a batch with black raspberries."

-Dianne B.

Blueberry Muffins with Cinnamon Crumble

"These are the best blueberry muffins! They are bursting full of flavor, and the best thing is they keep their flavor and moistness; they were just as good on day two as they were fresh out of the oven."

-Aunt Paula

Quick & Easy French Toast

Pick your favorite type of bread, then pack it full of creamy, vanilla-cinnamon flavor. This is a breakfast classic!