21 Five-Ingredient After-School Snacks

Battle after-school hunger pangs with these five-ingredient fixes that will get snacktime started pronto.

Strawberry Crisp

"Wow, I'm amazed at how simple this is! It doesn't even need additional spice or sugar! It was fast and even worked great with whole frozen strawberries!"


Go Fish Snack

"My grandkids loved making these. We used pretzel rods instead of breadsticks. Perfect for a rainy afternoon."

-Indiana Debbie

Easy Pita Bread Pizza

"These are fun and delicious. The kids each made their own with different toppings."


Original Rice Krispies Treats

"Thanks for posting this great recipe. You'd think I'd remember how after making this tons of times in the past 60 years, but, of course, I didn't. Great for kids and not so young kids."

-Connie Lea

Fruit Kabobs

"This is basically fruit salad on a stick! It's a great, healthy treat for kids. You can substitute any fruit you'd like."



Crunchy cookies dipped in sweet icing laced with sprinkles—what's not to love about this childhood classic?

Walking Apples

"My 8-year-old had this as a snack and asked for it twice more in the same day! I used another reviewer's suggestion and poked the filling down with a chopstick."


Fish in the River

"These are so fun and the children were able to fill their own rivers using plastic butter knives and pizza-flavored goldfish."


Cinnamon Tortillas

"These are one of my son's favorite snacks. He likes to roll them up so he doesn't lose a bit of sugar!"


Bumps on a Log

"This is such a nice little treat. This was so good and also quite healthy."


Sweet Potato Chips

"This is an absolutely delicious and healthy snack. I lowered the oven temperature because the first batch came out brown, but all successive batches were perfect."


Love at First Bite

"This is a great little recipe to make with kids. The touch of cinnamon really raises the flavor of the standard peanut butter-covered apple."


Ham & Cheese Pinwheels

Put a new spin on kid-favorite ham and cheese with these fun roll-ups. Serve honey mustard on the side for dipping!

Nachos in a Cup

"Yum! These were good and saucy. Cooking for a few minutes keeps the chips from getting too soggy."


Hot Molten Blobs

"These were yummy! I didn't spray the pan but used cupcake liners instead, since I hate scrubbing the muffin tin."

-Mama's Kitchen (Hope)

Peanut Butter-Banana Wrap

"Sometimes simplicity is best. I softened the tortilla in the microwave, which made the peanut butter spread a little easier. It was really tasty!"


Strawberry Bruschetta

"Strawberries and cream cheese are always a perfect match. This recipe is very yummy and a definite keeper!"


Celery & Peanut Butter

"I have been eating this since I was little. It�s a great snack."

-Chef #986714

Bagel Chips

"I used black sesame seeds, garlic powder, dried basil, dried onion bits and dried oregano. What a great savory delight!"

-woodland hues

River Snacks

"Lovely! I used a whole-wheat tortilla and all-natural chocolate granola. Loved the blend of all the ingredients, especially the hint of sweetness from the honey."


Easy Cheese-Tomato Melt

"What more could I ask for? The broiling makes the tomato flavor sweet and rich and melts the cheese into gooey goodness."