22 Creative Crepes That'll Make Your Morning

Crepes are a great choice for a yummy morning breakfast or a sweet after-dinner dessert.

Strawberries & Cream Crepes

" This is an amazing recipe! So easy! Affordable and YUMMY!!! only thing I will do different next time is make even more!!!"


Easy Basic Crepes

"Such a great recipe to have in your arsenal! I topped ours with fresh lemon juice, zest and some cream. An easy treat that looks harder than it is!"


Honey Wheat Crepes

"Very good crepes. I love the blend of whole wheat and all purpose flour, its perfect. Very easy to make. Served with whipped butter and fresh fruit. I will be making these again and often."


Chocolate Dessert Crepes

"We used to make chocolate crepes all the time until I lost my recipe card. These little gems have now filled the gap in my collection and they are oh so yummmmmy! We have eaten them several times with ice cream but they are also good with fresh fruit piled on top. They are very easy and quick to make as well."


Whole Wheat Crepes

"Love this recipe. My fiancé and I try to limit any white flour and products as much as we can so we were happy to find this whole wheat recipe! Honestly we like these a lot more than the traditional white flour crepes."


Cream-Filled Crepes With Tart Cherry Sauce

"5 Stars: Dee-lish! I used homemade crepes & fresh cherries for this recipe. The combination of the cream & the cherry sauce was plenty sweet."


Crepes With Feta, Scrambled Eggs & Salsa

"This is a winner! I waited to make this until I could use Zucchini out of my garden. Delicious! I have already made the salsa twice! Just delicious!!! I will be making this recipe again!"


Easy French Crepes

"What a great, and simple recipe! I used to live in France and lost my original recipe from there, but I can't tell any difference. I used this to make veggie crepes and they were great."


Blueberry Breakfast Crepes

"This was a great crepe recipe! Very easy to follow the directions!"


Rice Flour Crepes

"Oh very yummy! This recipe is being added to our tried and true gluten free recipes that we keep on hand. My gluten free daughter and gluten eating husband both devoured what they were given and wanted more."

-Gweniper Hillebrant

Strawberry-Kiwi Breakfast Crepes

"This nice light refreshing crepe, has no cooking time. It doesn't get any nicer than this."

-Baby Kato

Dessert Crepes

"Fantastic! This is my go-to dessert when we have guests over! I make the crepes a day or two in advance and just heat them up in the oven prior to serving! We fill them with mixed berries and chocolate sauce! Yum!"

-Julie McCartney

Healthy Crepes

"Oh my word- delicious! DS and I had blueberries and cream and I am already plotting if I can stuff these with scrambled eggs for breakfast! The crepe itself is wonderful."


French Cream Crepes With Raspberry Sauce

"This was an excellent recipe. Easy to make with super instructions. I really enjoyed the vanilla cream filling and the raspberry sauce. They were perfectly balanced and tasted amazing together. This was a lovely decadent breakfast for me."

-Baby Kato

French Vanilla Crepes

"They were so yummy and easy to do. I filled them with fresh raspberries, chocolate chips and whipped cream."


Bacon, Egg & Cheese Crepes

"The secret to this dish is making eggs into thin crepes. Use a good nonstick skillet for best results."


Banana Crepes

"Wow!!! This was absolutely fantastic!!! And so easy to make!!! My wife loved it too!!!"


Strawberry & Cream Cheese Crepes

"These were SO good. I added a capful of vanilla to the crepe recipe, but other than that didn't change a thing. I think the number of crepes you get depends on the size of them. We made 4-5 inch crepes and got exactly 12. We will definitely make these again!"


Apple & Honey-Filled Crepes

"These were some of the best crepes I've ever tasted! I will definitely be making these again. I loved the flavors of the golden apples and honey. They took awhile to prepare but it was well worth it!"


Flaming Pineapple Crepes

"I have never been the greatest crepe maker, but this recipe turns my plain old crepes into something really special! What a perfect dessert for guests or just the family. Yum!"


Crepes with Chicken & Mole

" This was a great dish! The combination of all the ingredients blend very well together to form a complex and rich sauce."


Chocolate Mousse Crepes

"Wow- this was great! Everyone LOVED this. The Grand Marnier sauce is wonderful with the rich, dark chocolate- very yummy indeed!"

-Leslie in Texas