13 Super-Popular Copycat McDonald's Recipes

The best menu items inspired by the Golden Arches, from breakfast to dinner.

McDonald's Breakfast Sandwich

"I love these sandwiches from McDonald's, and I love making them at home."


Copycat Southern-Style Chicken Sandwich

Skip the trip to the drive-thru, and make this epic sandwich in your own kitchen.

Shamrock Shake

"Love it! Especially with a little chocolate sauce."


Mcdonald's Caramel Frappe

"This recipe is fabulous! It tastes just like the McDonald's Frappe and costs WAY less."


Copycat Filet-O-Fish

"The sauce was just right. Just like McDonald's!"


McDonald's Breakfast Burritos

"These are great, and it's the American cheese that really makes these what they are!"


McDonald's Cheeseburgers

"I honestly cannot get over how much these taste like the real thing! But you get to control the quality of food, which is a plus in my book."

-Fantastical Sharing

Copycat Chicken McNuggets

Winner winner, chicken McNugget dinner.

Copycat Big Mac Sauce

"Nice sauce! It was surprisingly good on my burger. Thanks for sharing."


McDonald's Pancakes

"I have made these delicious pancakes three times, and we love them. They are very easy to make, and the taste is incredible with just five ingredients."

-pink cook

McDonald's Classic French Fries

"I have made french fries a thousand times, but this recipe is the best."


Copycat McGriddle

"Wow! What a great breakfast."

-weekend cooker

Copycat Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla Shake

"Easy to make and yummy. Everyone liked it."

-Crazy M.