7 Genius Ways to Cook with Kitchen Scraps

Reduce your kitchen waste and make your dinner even better with these helpful hacks (read: never toss stems, pulp, pith or peels again). Simply start with our favorite resourceful recipes and see where your money-saving imagination can take you!

Step 1: Save Your Scraps

All your carrot tops, orange peels, onion skins, strawberry tops and more are about to get a second chance at life.

Juice Pulp: Veggie Burgers

Are you of the "drink juice, ditch pulp" mindset? Don't trash that fiber so easily. This recipe will open your eyes to the morning juice-turned-healthy dinner phenomenon.

Carrot Tops: Pesto

Carrots are the ultimate afternoon snack, but what do you do with their lush green tops? Stop tossing this flavorful ingredient, and turn it into a budget-friendly pesto in a snap.

Strawberry Tops: Spa Water

You need spa water in your life because everyone needs spa water in their life. Make it easily with your strawberry tops for a taste of the original "pink drink."

Fresh Herbs: Herb Butter

Fresh herbs can be a big commitment; how does anyone use a whole bunch? Save your fresh herbs from the trash by turning them into flavor bombs fit for the freezer.

Cauliflower Stems: Buffalo Tots

Cauliflower rice, your time is up. Instead, turn your eyes toward the stems and make tots. Buffalo tots. Eating healthy never tasted so indulgent.

Vegetable Scraps: Rich Stock

Every single part of every vegetable you prep over the course of the week can be turned into this luxurious broth — no excuses.

Citrus Peel: Candied Citrus

So much of the citrus is wasted when you simply juice it. Instead, save those peels for a sweet treat and use the juice as you normally would.

Save Money, Save the World

Now that you've aced your crash course in eating scraps, what compost-destined ingredient will you be saving next? Here are some ideas to help you get started.