22 Ways to Make Amazing Coconut Macaroons

Craving a sweet treat? Try one of our macaroon recipes. With varieties ranging from tried-and-true coconut to fun new flavor combinations, your sweet tooth will thank you.

Chewy Macaroons

"Very good and a true macaroon recipe. The beauty of this recipe is the ease in making it. Everything is mixed into one bowl and dropped onto the cookie sheet."


Chocolate Chip Macaroons

"These were sooo good! I made a batch with chocolate chips and one without and they were both gone before the weekend was over."

-Robin W

Rice Krispies-Coconut Macaroons

"I'm a big fan of both coconut macaroons and rice krispy treats so when I saw this I had to try it. This is a great twist on macaroons. It gives you the same flavor, but makes it a bit lighter with the cereal, and adds the vitamins that come with the krispies. Very easy to make, and hard to stop eating."


Polka Dot Macaroons

"I love these macaroons! They do work best with mini M&Ms, but I've also used the regular sized. I plan to make these for halloween with sundrops instead of M&Ms."


Chocolate-Cherry-Coconut Macaroons

"These are great cookies! I have to admit, as I was making the cookies, they didn't look like they were going to turn out at all, but after baking up, they looked so festive for Christmas! Nice, light and chewy."


Chewy Orange Macaroons

"Sensational!! What a great macaroon! Move over Paula Deen these are far better than your recipe. Our son loved them..said they were the best."


Almond Joy Macaroons

"Oh my, these cookies are to die for!! They are rich, chewy, and oh so delicious."


Almond Orange Macaroons

"These are so, so good! I also love that the prep takes place almost entirely in the food processor...so easy! I am certain I will be making these often."

-Aunt Cookie

Almond Macaroons

"Very airy cookie and totally delicious! These were much easier to make than expected and the cinnamon flavor stellar!"

-Susie D

Magic Almond Macaroons

"I had to use more almonds to get it at a "droppable" consistancy. But these were just lovely. really really good. Super easy and YUMMY. Made a little thumbprint and filled it with raspberry jam...they disappeared at the office with requests for more."


Naturally Gluten Free Macaroons

"I found this recipe to be simple, and quite amenable to customization. In my case, I subbed out the icing for 1/3 cup honey. The cook time was perfect, 25 mins at 325 f. yielded nice golden brown coconut macaroons that are already half-gone after just a few minutes out of the oven."


Hazelnut Macaroons

"I have never made macaroons or really eaten a true macaroon, so this was quite fun to make and eat. I am not sure if I made them correctly but I sure enjoyed the sweet nutty flavor of these cookies."


Almond Pistachio Macaroons

"I've been making this recipe for years. They're so delicious, light but chewy. I started out making 1 batch for Passover one year, but ever since then I have to make a double batch because everyone wants to take them home. Every time. And for every other holiday too. Make these, you won't be sorry."


Peppermint Macaroons

"Yum - I loved these! I do love really sweet stuff and I do love coconut - if you don't these may not be for you."


Coconut-Apricot Macaroons

"Good, fairly healthy and easy to make. Lovely dipped in melted chocolate too!"


White Chocolate Macaroons

"Absolutely outstanding! You would NEVER know these started out with refrigerated cookie dough. They are very sweet...just a warning for those who don't like that type of cookie...or you could leave out the chips, I guess! ;)"


Chocolate Almond Macaroons

"YUMMY!!! These have a truly rich chocolate flavor unlike the many recipes which call for cocoa."


Chocolate Coated Macaroons

"This cookie is excellent! Soft, chewy, vanilla & coconut... Yum! This was my first time making macaroons & I was really surprised that they were so easy."


Baker's Angel Flake Coconut Macaroons

"Very good, to simple to prepare, tastes wonderfully of coconut. Great recipe for little children to make because of its ease and short list of ingredients."


Easy Coconut Macaroons

"Chose this recipe after looking at loads on internet. This is so easy and so perfect. I also drizzled chocolate on them - yummy. They were intended for the grandchildren tomorrow but I may have to make another batch. In fact they are so quick and easy the grandchildren could do them for me!"


Jumbo Black Bottom Coconut Macaroons

"I love macaroons, and this recipe is amazing. Moist on the inside, crispy on the outside, and dipped in chocolate! YUM!"


Raw Chocolate Macaroons

"Love this recipe. I cut 1/4 of the cacao and put cacao nibs. Also added raw pistachios and 2 tbsp cashew butter. So amazingly delish!!!"

-Michelle Y.