24 Essential Cocktails

It's hard to beat these classics when you've got a whistle to wet. From the gin martini to a fruity daiquiri, these old standbys won't disappoint.

Mint Julep

"This Mint Julep receives five glistening stars! It wins my discriminating, hard-to-please husband's Seal of Relaxed and Mellow Approval!"


Aperol Spritz

"I've had spritzes with olives before and so I've been garnishing with them ever since!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Jello Shots

"I made these the other day! For extra fun, I put them in a cupcake pan and topped with whip cream — they were amazing. Thanks for the recipe, it worked well!"

-Niki H.

Tequila Sunrise

"This was delicious! I love tequila sunrises and the ingredient amounts are perfect. It's one of the prettiest drinks out there!"


French 75

"Lovely cocktail with bright and delicious flavors! The gin plays quite well with the other ingredients."


Kir Royale

Here's a 3-ingredient cocktail with a whole lot of flair.

Pina Colada

"Thanks to the inclusion of coconut rum, it's difficult to detect any taste of alcohol in this extra creamy-delicious Piña Colada. The rum may be left out altogether for a delightful tropical drink your entire family will enjoy!"

-Debs Recipes

Long Island Iced Tea

"Second only to the margarita, this is a favorite drink of mine and this is a great recipe!!"


Kahlua Mudslide

"I think it's wonderful! Very smooth and rich. I love that mellow flavor... like a big, fuzzy, warm hug."


Gin & Tonic

"I was a bartender for many years and this is right on — the way to serve a gin and tonic! This is excellent!"

-Little Bee


Here's a classic cocktail will never go out of style, especially during summer time!

Best-Ever Bloody Mary

"I made this recipe as written with the exception of using spicy V-8 juice instead of tomato juice. It came out very tasty. Thanks."


Whiskey Old Fashioned

"I had never tasted an Old Fashioned before, but now that I have tried this, I'll be tasting many more!"


The Best Mai Tai

"This was the perfect drink for a 95-degree, humid day! I used to bartend and this ranks right up there with one of the best!"



"My husband said he always wanted to try a cosmopolitan. He really liked it! This looks like the beginning of a wonderful journey!"


Fresh Margaritas by the Pitcher

"These were to die for! A girlfriend and I tested them on a recent visit and they were so good! They are potent — we were giggling at the end of the first one!"

-Chloe and Hope's Mom


"The mint patch was left with only stems by the time we finished drinking a few of these! They were delicious and refreshing!"


Dry Bombay Sapphire Martini

"This is the martini that inspired my martini glass collection! I love Bombay Sapphire! This is my favorite way to have it also, with very little vermouth!


Lemon Drop Shot

"This was so refreshing, and I love the lemon! I'll be enjoying this too much, I'm afraid!"


Cucumber Gimle

"Super refreshing drink that feels like it is straight from the garden!"

-Kate Richards

Tom Collins

"I made this as a frozen Tom Collins. It's great that I could re-live one of my favorite drinks of long ago and didn't need any sweet-n-sour mix!"



"This is a classic and deliciously low-calorie drink. I've been on a gin kick for quite a while and this is one of the best ways to have it!


Strawberry Daiquiri

"These are absolutely to die for! I've made them the past three weekends straight! Probably the best strawberry daiquiri I've ever tasted."



"We have friends that love Manhattans and my husband loves Makers Mark, so how could we go wrong? It's a great recipe!"

-Irish Rose