Buffalo Chicken, 24 Ways

Pizza, chili, deviled eggs? No dish is safe from that tangy sauce.

Stuffed Potatoes with Buffalo Chicken

Facing a ravenous Super Bowl crowd? No sweat — these hearty baked potatoes come fully loaded with buffalo chicken, blue cheese and sour cream.

Buffalo Chicken Balls

"These chicken balls are simple, delicious and perfect for Super Bowl Sunday. Sometimes I even have to make an extra batch because they go so fast! You can freeze them, too."


Tangy Buffalo Chicken Dip

"One of my all time favorite appetizer recipes. So easy to make!"


Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

"This was a really fabulous and easy sandwich, and it had just the right amount of kick! My whole family asked to have it again."


Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

"I tried this recipe one day on a whim, and it turned out to be such a hit. It's so quick to make — you can mix all of the ingredients during the time the pasta is boiling. Before you know it, your meal is ready!"

-Baby Bluez

Slow-Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

"What a great party dip! You can also make it with leftover cooked chicken breasts. I serve it alongside tortilla chips and celery sticks."

-Denise Reynolds

Buffalo Chicken Chili

This hearty chili is made with shredded chicken and has just the right amount of Buffalo sauce. Finely diced carrots add a nice touch of sweetness, while powdered ranch seasoning adds an herbaceous tang.

Buffalo Chicken & Alfredo Pizza

"This is how I make my buffalo chicken pizza, too. The alfredo sauce is a much better base than Ranch dressing!"

-Lucky Clover

Football Buffalo Chicken Monkey Bread

Tackle your taste buds with this giant monkey bread in the shape of a football. Each piece is stuffed with buffalo chicken and blue cheese, making this party dish a total game-changer.

Mini Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks

These party-style chicken cheesesteaks are flavored with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese and garnished with fresh herbs. A heavy drizzle of Cheez Whiz really takes it to a new level.

Unbelievable Baked Buffalo Wings

"I was so surprised that these baked wings could compare to the fried ones — they're absolutely the best! (I'm a wing fanatic, so when I say this recipe is great, I mean it!)"


Loaded Potato & Buffalo Chicken Casserole

It doesn't matter how big your Super Bowl spread will be — this tangy and cheesy buffalo chicken bake is guaranteed to disappear before the halftime performance.

Creamy Buffalo Chicken Pasta

"This one will go into my cold weather/comfort food day cookbook. Everyone in the family enjoyed it."

-Beautiful BC

Best Buffalo Wing Sauce

"I love this recipe. It’s great if you want to add your own twists."


Buffalo Chicken Eggs

Deviled eggs are a favorite party appetizer, and these spicy staples are shaped like miniature footballs! Make sure to let them sit for 15 minutes before serving so the flavors can develop.

Buffalo Chicken Tenders

"These chicken tenders were so easy to prepare. The crunchiness on the outside was as perfect as the tenderness on the inside, and their flavor was magnificent!"


Great Buffalo Chicken Pizza

"An excellent change from the same ol' pizza! I used a refrigerated roll of pizza crust and everything came out perfectly. I'll definitely be making this again, especially now that football season is around the corner!"


Baked Buffalo Chicken Breasts

"These buffalo chicken breasts are as good as buffalo chicken wings without all of the mess."

-Jazz Lover

Buffalo Chicken Wings

"These babies are seriously addictive and totally delicious. Even my non-wing-eating husband was packing away huge amounts of them!"


Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Cups

Sure, these tasty little buffalo chicken appetizers are cute, but beware: They pack some heat! Make sure to scoop the filling just before serving to prevent the tortilla cups from becoming soggy.

Buffalo Chicken Chili

A generous addition of buffalo wing sauce transforms this easy chicken chili from flavorful to mind-blowing. It's perfect football fare.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

"Wow, this salad was so easy to make and very filling. It tasted just like something you would get in a restaurant."

-Chef Carol Shelby

Low-Fat Buffalo Chicken Strips

"These were so simple to make and were the perfect topping on my mixed greens salad!"


Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

"A spicy side dish that will suit many seasons."