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10 Budget-Minded Holiday Menus

Want to host a special feast without draining your wallet? With these clever main dish swaps, you can show family and friends a great time - without breaking the bank.

Pork Tenderloin Menu

Skip the pricey crown roast of pork and try affordable, tender pork tenderloin instead.

Round out your meal with:

Crab Supper Menu

Your guests won't mind when you substitute these meaty crab cakes for budget-busting cracked crab — they'll still get the crab flavor in all its buttery glory.

Round out your meal with:

Beef Rib Roast Menu

Save money (and carving time) by swapping a pricey standing rib roast for fork-tender short ribs.

Round out your meal with:

Special Seafood Supper Menu

Sure whole lobster can be an elegant addition to your table, but one taste of this buttery shrimp scampi and no one will miss that costly crustacean.

Round out your meal with:

Turkey Cutlet Supper Menu

Rather than going with a big-ticket whole turkey, try modest turkey cutlets, which still deliver full flavor.

Round out your meal with:

Holiday Ham Dinner Menu

Try grilled ham steaks as a delicious and penny-pinching alternative to the traditional holiday ham.

Round out your meal with:

Beef Bourguignon Dinner Menu

Instead of an expensive roast beef, make like Julia Child and simmer up rustic beef bourguignon.

Round out your meal with:

Lamb Chop Dinner Menu

Juicy lamb chops are a bargain compared to ritzy leg of lamb — this version gets even more bonus points for its mint-infused crust.

Round out your meal with:

Fish Feast

Don't bother roasting a whole fish when these crunchy fish fillets can easily feed the family in style.

Round out your meal with:

Beef Pot Pie Menu

Instead of fussy beef wellington, try a savory beef pot pie that uses lots of veggies and thrifty round steak.

Round out your meal with: