30 Budget Healthy Dinners

If you're always stocked with these 10 budget-friendly ingredients, you'll never run out of ways to make a cheap and healthy dinner on the fly.


Eggs are so much more than just a breakfast staple — they're a complete protein. They're also packed with vitamins and you can add them into almost anything. Fix up this shakshuka any time of the day, then try your hand at making egg drop soup!

Canned Tuna

Load up on omega-3s by adding cost-efficient tuna into your dinners. Stuff it into a tomato or make classic tuna salad to serve on sandwiches.

Brown Rice

Rice can turn any protein into a full meal, but brown rice adds a dose of fiber and some nutty flavor. Only have chicken cutlets on hand? Try these chicken tenders with lemon and spinach rice.

Black Beans

Black beans are loaded with fiber, so they can easily stretch a small meal and make it extra filling. Load them into your tacos or just whip up a simple soup.

Frozen Veggies

If you only shop a couple of times a month, it's hard to keep fresh vegetables in the fridge. Good thing frozen veggies have all the healthy goodness you need! Keep a few bags in the freezer and add them into any protein-based dinner.

Ground Turkey

Ground turkey cooks quickly and is low-calorie while still boasting lots of protein. Mix it up with your usual meatball ingredients for quick sandwiches or pasta, or stuff it into peppers like you would any other ground meat.

Canned Tomatoes

Keeping a few cans of tomatoes handy gives you a base for tons of nutritious and inexpensive meals. You'll always have something to put on top of pasta, plus you can make an endless variety of soups, like veggie-packed minestrone.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is loaded with protein, which makes it a great tool for adding nutrition without breaking the bank. Try making a sauce out of it to go on top of noodles or chicken!


Combined with herbs, citrus has the power to amp up the flavor of almost any meat or grain. And, if you've got lemons on hand, you never need to buy salad dressing again!


When you've only got a few ingredients to make dinner with, an onion or two can really pack in the flavor. Plus, you can get a whole bag of them for just a few dollars!