PART OF Easter

Embrace Your Inner Alpaca With These BTS-Inspired Cupcakes

BTS Fans, rejoice! Luxe and the Lady takes us behind the scenes while creating these cupcakes inspired by RJ The Kind Alpaca.

Adorable Alpaca Carrot Cake Cupcakes

There's no better way for a BTS fan to celebrate Easter than with these BT21-inspired cupcakes in the shape of RJ, The Kind Alpaca.

What You'll Need

Gather up all of your ingredients, plus white fondant, pink icing gel color and black candy melts for the alpaca decorations. You will also need toothpicks, wax paper, a piping bag, 12 foil baking cups and a large round piping tip.

Beat It

Mix together the eggs, oil, both sugars and vanilla.

Dry Off

Dry ingredients are next including flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon and salt.

All Together Now

Wet and dry ingredients become one batter that smells simply irresistible.

The Root Cause

Chop those carrots!

Feeling Fine

Instead of using a box grater, take advantage of your food processor.

Fold, Fold, Fold

Incorporate the carrots, raisins, pineapple and nuts into the batter. Hungry yet?

Fill 'Em Up

Divide your batter into your pre-lined muffin tin.


Using a toothpick and black candy melts, create RJ's face on wax paper. Once these dry, you'll be able to carefully remove them and place them on your cupcakes.

Frost Yourselves

Everything is better with cream cheese and butter, which is why this frosting has both.

Together We Stand

Combine the cream cheese and butter together completely.

Scrape Those Sides

Finally, add the powdered sugar.

So Fluffy

Pipe small dots of frosting onto your cooled cupcakes to create RJ's furry face.

A Little Rouge

Using fondant colored with pink gel coloring, create RJ's signature rosy cheeks.

Don't "Peak"

Dip a clean finger into some warm water, tap it on a paper towel or kitchen towel, and then tap the peaks on the icing dots to smooth them out.

Final Touches

Finish things off using the pink fondant and candy melt features.

Almost Too Cute to Eat

But, ya know ... we're still gonna try one.