27 Breakfast Essentials

Fluffy eggs, cheesy quiche, crumbly coffee cake - some breakfast traditions should never change! Get all the quintessential favorites right here.

Dutch Baby

"One of my family's favorite breakfasts, and it's made at least twice a month. My favorite way to serve it is to mash fresh raspberries and spread it thickly over my slice."


Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs

You wouldn't think you'd need a recipe for something like scrambled eggs, but wow! These were simple to make and are the very best scrambled eggs I've ever tried!"


Jam-Filled Doughnuts

"This recipe blew me away! My whole family loved them and my mother said it was the best doughnut she's ever had! I highly recommend this recipe."



"It is crunchy and soft inside. It take a whole lot of patience making this croissant but the finished product is so worth it. I will definitely make this again."


Old-Fashioned Blueberry Muffins

"I rarely have success with muffins, but this recipe has worked all three times I've tried it—a winner! I substituted fresh raspberries for the blueberries and added a glaze to them."


Basic Pancakes

"These pancakes ROCK! I doubled the recipe for five people, and there wasn't a bite left. These are just so fluffy. Every pancake was perfect. Plus, they take just a few minutes to make and simply can't be beat."

-Epi Curious

Berry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

"This cake makes a for wonderful gift because it looks and tastes so good."

-Phunny Pharmer

Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Scones

"These are just wonderful! A great all-in-one breakfast."


Breakfast Skillet

"I loved every bite! This is supreme comfort food. The flavors all work together perfectly and are really delicious."


Sheet Pan Strawberry & Banana Bread French Toast Bake

Try this twist on French toast, made with banana bread! Fresh strawberries make it extra-fruity, while a cream cheese glaze adds a decadent touch.

Mini Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches

"These looked easy enough to make, and something my family would love. They were great, quick to do, and enjoyed by the whole family. I used the precooked turkey sausage patties, so made it even faster. Thanks for sharing your recipe. It will be my go to recipe when we need a quick breakfast!"

-Aunt Paula


"We had overnight guests, so I made this for brunch and everyone gave it a thumbs up!"


Stuffed French Toast

"This was delicious! My husband called this 'a little piece of heaven,' and that pretty much sums it up."


Cloud Eggs

Just when you thought eggs couldn't possibly be life-changing.

Whole Wheat Pancakes

"Very light and tasty compared to other whole wheat pancakes I've tried. Plus, they're easy to make."


Cinnamon Coffee Cake

"The aroma coming from my oven brought everyone to the kitchen! The cake was moist and light, and the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture oozed to every part of the cake. It was breakfast nirvana!"

-Michelle S.

Simple Sweet Scones

"I LOVE this recipe. I have tried it multiple times with multiple variations, and it never fails me. The marriage of flavors is excellent."


Broccoli Quiche

"I would give this recipe more than five stars if I could. It tastes great, it's elegant and it's also super-easy to prepare."

-Spicy Gal

Scrambled Eggs

"These are SPECTACULAR. Without question, they are the best scrambled eggs I've ever had. The finished texture is so rich and velvety. The eggs melt in your mouth."


Blueberry Crumb Muffins

"I searched around for just the right blueberry muffin recipe and this was it! These muffins are very moist, flavorful and look special with the crumb topping."


Sunny Fruit Salad

"We loved this fruit salad! Next time I will double the recipe. It's very easy to put together, and the flavor is so good!"


Diner-Style Home Fries

"What flavor! These were the bomb, and quick and easy to make. I could have just eaten the potatoes and nothing else, they were that good!"

-Baby Kato

Best Biscuits

"These biscuits disappear WAY too fast. They baked up perfectly and were just slightly crusty on the outside while staying tender on the inside. Who could resist?


Croque Madame

"We loved it! This sandwich is over-the-top delicious! I used sourdough bread and fried the egg over medium — it was sheer perfection."

-Kitchen Witch Steph

Amish Baked Oatmeal

"I have made this many times, and it always turns out wonderfully. I like mine with a bit of milk, and my hubby eats his plain or with maple syrup. It's even good straight out of the fridge the next day. I love this recipe!"


Baked Cheese Omelette

"As far as omelettes go, this one sure did ... go, that is. I have never seen eggs eaten quite that fast! This was utterly delicious, and we will have this again!"


Grandma's Super Waffles

"These waffles were perfect. I followed the recipe exactly and was rewarded with the tastiest waffles ever! There is no need to go out for breakfast when these are so simple to make."